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Changing Seasons, Adapting Care

Things change as the temperature dips! Caring for the Oklahoma City Zoo’s diverse animal collection (over 300 species!) through all the seasons requires caretakers to be familiar with their animals’ natural behaviors to make them comfortable year-round. As an over-arching concept, animals can be found in “tropical” or “polar”, with “temperate” areas of the world in between the extremes. Those adapted to tropical areas are less naturally able to... Read More
at Tuesday, February 4, 2020
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Living the Bachelor Life - Understanding Gorilla Social Structure

An important social arrangement for gorillas is the bachelor group. A typical family has only one mature male and many females with offspring, so there will be quite a few males who find themselves without any lady friends. These males can either live a solitary life or hang out with other single males. In the wild, bachelor groups are usually loose associations, however, sometimes males will bond and form more permanent friendships. In zoos, bachelor groups are planned out well in advance.... Read More
at Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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