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OKC Zoo Developing Partial Hand-Rearing Technique with Newborn Flamingo Chick

Caretakers at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden are developing a new technique with a flamingo hatchling enabling it to benefit from group socialization and parent rearing. This new partial hand-rearing method will allow the young bird to become a better mate and parent in the future. The chick, hatched Friday, July 13, has not yet been named and sex has not yet been determined. During breeding season, staff closely monitor the birds’ nests and place resulting eggs in... Read More
at Friday, July 27, 2018
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That’s Not a Black Bear

This summer, the Zoo introduced a new resident into the American black bear habitat at Oklahoma Trails! Can you guess what animal it might be? Here’s a hint… it’s not a black bear! In fact, this animal is red, small and shares a common natural habitat with bears Woody, Maynard and Sammy’s wild counterparts. Their new habitat-mate is a red fox named Zinc.  The Purpose Behind Multi-Species Environments Multi-species environments... Read More
at Friday, September 8, 2017
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