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Sea Lions Don’t Sweat the Cold at the OKC Zoo

Because sea lions spend the majority of their day swimming, our team of marine mammal caretakers ensure that the water temperature remains between 70 and 75 degrees throughout the colder months. While the Zoo's sea lions are always provided with access inside, their natural layer of blubber also works to maintain a comfortable body temperature when seasons change. Throughout the winter months, our animals continue to voluntarily participate in training... Read More
at Wednesday, December 20, 2017
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Special Tree-tmeant

Here at the Zoo, we’re wild about animal enrichment! Recently, a special  tree  was created for the Zoo’s squirrel monkey family in an effort to enhance their habitat and provide them with a unique, but realistic experience. The OKC Zoo’s squirrel monkey family consists of sisters Bobby and Katrina, and their three brothers, Floyd, Felix and Hugo. The new  tree  will offer several enrichment options – serving as a climbing structure, a... Read More
at Monday, November 13, 2017
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Oklahoma Conservation Leadership Academy

I am very fortunate to be a member of the Oklahoma Conservation Leadership Academy (OCLA) this year. OCLA was created by The Nature Conservancy’s Oklahoma Chapter (TNC-OK) to bring engaged, creative and active people from around the state together to learn about science-based conservation and how they can become conservation stewards in their community and beyond. OCLA is a yearlong program consisting of workshops, field trips, meetings and socials. The 2017-2018 program kicked off... Read More
at Monday, September 18, 2017
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Runners, Take Flight! Fight the Monarch’s Plight!

Strap on your wings, runners! This year, the Oklahoma City Zoo is hosting a fun race to raise funds for monarch butterfly conservation! The OKC Zoo’s Monarch Madness 5k and 1-mile Fun Run will take place on September 23.  "We’re calling this Monarch Madness partly because the idea of any creature, let alone a butterfly, flying over 2,000 miles just sounds insane,” said Greg Heanue, Zoo senior director of marketing and public relations. “It’s... Read More
at Sunday, September 17, 2017
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Helping Flamingo Chicks Grow Into Their Feathers

If you’ve visited the Zoo this summer, you may have noticed that our flock of American flamingos were nesting!    The flamingos constructed their intricate nest mounds out of natural materials found throughout their habitat including dirt, leaves, twigs and feathers. After the flamingos laid their eggs, I and other caretakers noticed that they were not being attentive to their nests, so we decided to intervene.  Fortunately, the collective... Read More
at Friday, August 25, 2017
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Elephants Everywhere: Treasure Hunter Series

Note: As the Zoo’s unofficial Treasure Hunter, Amy Stephens, solves mysteries, digs up lost history and hunts for treasure at the Zoo. She works in the Education Department and at the Patricia and Byron J. Gambulos ZooZeum.  Like me, you may love reading mystery novels.  Most plots involved finding bad guys, family secrets and lost jewels.  Sometimes a missing dog, but not missing elephants.   Do not panic, an elephant has not disappeared... Read More
at Wednesday, August 9, 2017
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Okie-native Saves Wildlife One Photo at a Time

National Geographic photographer, speaker and founder of the Photo Ark, Joel Sartore, arrived at the Oklahoma City Zoo on July 14 with camera in-hand at 7:30 a.m., prepared for a weekend of photographing rare animals and sharing a preview of his PBS docu-series, “RARE: Creatures of the Photo Ark.” About Photo Ark  Photo Ark was created in 2005 after Joel’s wife, Kathy, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. His career as a National Geographic photographer... Read More
at Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Zookeeper Highlight: Pace Frank

We’ve enjoyed sharing zookeeper highlights all week-long in honor of National #ZookeeperWeek – taking place July 16 through July 22! Keeper Pace is the last (but not least) zookeeper highlight of the week! Pace cares for the Zoo’s great apes. How long have you worked at the Zoo? I started working at the Oklahoma City Zoo in 2011 in the hoofstock department. I loved working with the Red river hogs and the okapi. When I first moved to Oklahoma City, I... Read More
at Wednesday, July 19, 2017
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Vet Technician Highlight: Julia Jones

The Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden is celebrating National Zookeeper Week – taking place from July 16 through July 22! While this week is geared toward zookeepers in particular, it's also important to note that the Zoo's veterinary staff plays a vital role in caring for the animals as well. Today, we're highlighting Julia Jones, a veterinary technician (animal nurse) who collaborates with our team of zookeepers every day to ensure that each animal... Read More
at Wednesday, July 19, 2017
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Keeper Highlight: Rachel Sides

The Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden is celebrating National Zookeeper Week – taking place from July 16 through July 22. Our staff of zookeepers are hardworking, passionate and driven individuals who spend each day caring for the animals in their various departments! This week, we are highlighting six zookeepers; ranging from elephant to carnivore caretakers. Next up is Rachel Sides! Keeper Rachel cares for the carnivores of the OKC Zoo.   How long have you... Read More
at Tuesday, July 18, 2017
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Become a Parent of the Wild: Animal Adoption is for Everyone!

Unlike traditional pet adoption “days” celebrated around the world or the recent National Pet Adoption Weekend celebrated each May, the Zoo celebrates animal adoption all year long—the soft and plush kind that lasts a lifetime!  A Zoo animal adoption is a unique gift that your loved ones, regardless of age, will be thrilled to have and collect. Animal adoptions not only create a sense of warmth and joy for the receiver, but they also benefit the lives of all the... Read More
at Wednesday, May 10, 2017
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Guest Perspective: Our Elephant Wild Encounter was a Dream Come True!

The Oklahoma City Zoo is a place that my family and I have always enjoyed. My first trip to the Zoo was in 1998 when I was about six months old and I have been visiting ever since. The Zoo recently added something new called Wild Encounters! I was very intrigued by this. After researching, I found that guests get behind-the-scenes interactions with some of the amazing animals that call the Zoo their home. I was so excited to see what this was all about, so I signed up my 11-year-old sister,... Read More
at Wednesday, May 3, 2017
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Cat Conservation: A Lesson about the Birds and the Bees

When we refer to carnivores at the Zoo, we’re usually talking about our big and small cats, such as tigers, ocelots, snow leopards, jaguars and caracals, just to name a few, that live in Cat Forest. Each of these beautiful, powerful and diverse animals requires distinctive health care, food and enrichment. Most are solitary by nature and only come together to breed, which can make their encounters pretty intense but very significant for their species.  Breeding and... Read More
at Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Be Where the Wallabies Are!

Children’s Zoo Now Includes Up-Close, Down-Under Experience Well, the wallabies are back in town! The Zoo recently opened a new exhibit in the Children’s Zoo called Wallaby Walkabout. The habitat enables guests of all ages to walk through a portion of the exhibit to observe and experience these lively, yet smaller, relatives of the kangaroo in a safe, up-close environment. Wallabies were a Zoo favorite and part of the Zoo’s collection prior to 2011. Meet our... Read More
at Friday, March 24, 2017
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Maybe You Really Do Belong in a Zoo!

Do people often say because of your lively and energetic personality that you belong in a zoo?  If you have a love for furry and feathered animals, and the unlimited inspiration of nature, then maybe you do belong at the Zoo--as a  volunteer ! The truth is the Zoo depends on  volunteer s to continually bring its mission and message to life in the community. The Zoo benefited from more than 29,500 man-hours of service from dedicated  volunteer s in 2016.  These ... Read More
at Thursday, March 2, 2017
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More Than A Zoo

Although the Zoo takes pride in being the number one recreation destination in Oklahoma, the Zoo has a broader mission. As a conservation organization, the Zoo strives to help stop and reverse the rapid decline of species and habitats locally and globally. Ways the Zoo Helps: You might be wondering how the Zoo can really make a difference on such a big planet with big challenges? The Zoo focuses on several areas that have long-term impacts: 1) Participating in cooperative breeding... Read More
at Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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