Achara, our extremely playful and incredibly curious elephant

Achara, the Oklahoma City Zoo’s nearly two-year-old baby elephant, is not only extremely playful but also incredibly curious. Today, November 11, that sense of curiosity turned to mischief when she, to her zookeepers’ surprise, safely squeezed her 2,070-pound body through an 18-inch-wide steel cable perimeter and grazed on the other side of the fence. A Zoo team member saw her and immediately notified the elephant team. A few minutes later she squeezed back through to be with her family including mom Asha, aunt Chandra and Bamboo inside the habitat yard. The entire incident lasted only a few minutes. Achara was never in a public pathway and at no time was the public in any danger.

Though the elephant habitat had been fully baby proofed and meets best practice standards for housing elephants, the elephant team and I realized today that we need to make additional modifications to contain Achara’s curiosity.

– Laura Bottaro, Zoological Curator 

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