MOLD-A-MATIC Update: Fan-Favorite Souvenirs Refreshed with New Animal Series

Guests can collect a new MOLD-A-MATIC series of souvenirs throughout the Oklahoma City Zoo!

Originally appearing at the OKC Zoo in the early 1970s, MOLD-A-MATIC machines became a fan favorite for their ability to produce a miniature animal replica behind a plexi-glass window within 60 seconds. After several decades, the machines deteriorated from extreme weather exposure and from producing tens of thousands of souvenirs and were retired in 2010. Last February, the iconic MOLD-A-MATIC machines returned to the Zoo to great acclaim. After 18 months of service, the animal molds were recently updated to include a whole new collectible series, featured below. Each figurine is produced in the original array of colors and features the “OKC Zoo” stamp at the base signifying its origin.

Find the gorilla MOLD-A-MATIC at Great EscApe habitat

Find the butterfly MOLD-A-MATIC at the Canopy restaurant

Find the elephant MOLD-A-MATIC at the entrance plaza

Find the flamingo MOLD-A-MATIC at the Canopy restaurant

Find the lion MOLD-A-MATIC at Cat Forest habitat

Find the rhino MOLD-A-MATIC at Children’s Zoo

Find the otter MOLD-A-MATIC at Big Rivers

Each MOLD-A-MATIC souvenir costs $3 with machines modernized to take both cash and credit cards. With less than 200 machines believed to be in operation today, these nostalgic souvenirs are a favorite among collectors of all ages with some having sold for more than $200. Come back to the Zoo and collect the new series!

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