National Wolf Awareness Week at the OKC Zoo

In case you didn’t know, it’s National Wolf Awareness Week (Oct 9-15) and the OKC Zoo happens to have two spectacular Mexican Gray wolves.  Mexican Gray wolves are endangered with less than a hundred living in the wild in Arizona and about 300 in human care.

The OKC Zoo is honored to have one male named  “Wild Bill” born in 2005 and one female named “Corazon” born in 2004.   Mexican Grey wolves are not necessarily gray but rather a mix of gray, rust, black and cream.  The wolves receive part of their diet that most would recognize if you have had a dog as a pet. The wolves each receive up to 2 pounds of food a day which varies from day-to-day with whole prey options to grain-free meals, too. Whole prey items (all are deceased prior to feeding) would include such things as rabbits, fish, quail, hard boiled eggs.  The wolves are also offered bones during the week to help with teeth maintenance!

Both Wild Bill and Corazon are relatively new to the habitat but in the past you would have probably recognized their distinctive howl they give when they hear sirens going off in the distance. As with every wolf, they are very apprehensive of people in their immediate surroundings. When our team goes into the yard for cleaning maintenance, they both stay on high alert and always keep a safe distance from the keepers. Wild Bill has shown on occasion that he is curious about what the keepers are doing in his yard/habitat by following them from a safe distance during their routine. Our pair have a favorite spot in their habitat that they like to hangout in a lot for sleeping and resting. The location is in the center of the habitat and under the shade structure of cedar logs. They have dug out a little bed that they both usually fit into and can be seen there when not scouting.

There’s no better way to celebrate National Wolf Awareness week than to visit Wild Bill and Corazon at the Oklahoma City Zoo as well as supporting wildlife conservation.

– Shawn Sims, animal caretaker

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