Sanctuary Asia Animal Training Wall Dedicated in Memory of OKC Zoo Supporter

The Oklahoma Zoological Society (OZS) recently dedicated a new animal enrichment/training wall at Sanctuary Asia to the memory of longtime Oklahoma City Zoo fan Martha K. Denham. Though she passed away in 2015, her legacy continues to benefit the Zoo and the million plus guests who visit annually. More than $26,000 was raised for the project in Martha’s honor, with substantial contributions from Martha’s children: Matt Denham, Elizabeth Laurent and Ann White. 

Martha K. Denham was an avid fan of the OKC Zoo and a true supporter of the elephant program. She visited as often as she could and loved to see the elephant family. 

Training walls allow caretakers to safely interact with animals for behavioral training and enrichment purposes. The OKC Zoo practices protected contact with elephants and rhinos (among other species), meaning that caretakers never share unrestricted space with the animals. Training walls are also beneficial for medical examinations. The Zoo now has five training walls: three in the existing elephant habitat, one in the indoor elephant habitat and one in the Sanctuary Asia habitat addition. The new training wall is located in the southwest corner of Sanctuary Asia in the rhino/elephant yard across from the Francois’ langur habitat.  

Oklahoma Zoological Society (OZS/ZOOfriends), a nonprofit organization, was created in 1954 to help support the Oklahoma City Zoo in its mission to be Oklahoma’s premier destination connecting people and our world’s vanishing wildlife and wild places. OZS has been making an impact alongside the OKC Zoo in advancing the experience members enjoy and connecting guests to wildlife, nature and the environment. This is accomplished through fundraising, ZOOfriends memberships and special events.

Together, OZS and the Zoo are continuing to improve Oklahoma's oldest and largest cultural attraction. With approximately 30,000 ZOOfriends' membership households, OZS members are directly impacting the Oklahoma City Zoo in a positive way. OZS gives 100 percent of our membership dollars to the Zoo for special projects, animal habitats, education, animal welfare and conservation initiatives locally and worldwide.

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