Pup Update: Cash the California Sea Lion

Our California Sea Lion pup, Cash, born on the afternoon of June 25, has been making quite the splash at the Oklahoma City Zoo! Cash’s parents, Pearl and Xander, were rescued off the coast of California and are also the parents of 1-year-old Phoenix. As rescued sea lions, their genetics have not been represented in other zoos or aquariums, which makes Cash and Phoenix’s births significant in the zoological community. 

Cash has been thriving ever since his birth. After only a few days, Cash was already exploring his surroundings and taking quick dips in the water. Even though he is only a month old, he has been spending the majority of his time swimming and splashing around and tossing around fish and squid given to him by his trainers. Cash also spends a lot of his time grooming and scratching himself. Sea lions have nails on their hind flippers that they use to scratch various parts of their bodies, they can even stretch to reach the top of their head.

Cash has already begun introductions with the rest of his marine mammal family. So far he has met female sea lions Addie and Piper. We hope to introduce him to the other seals and sea lions soon! He has been socializing with his mom, Pearl, and the other sea lions by vocalizing, nuzzling and swimming alongside them. Cash’s vocalization is very unique to him, as every sea lion sounds very different.

We have been monitoring his weight since he was born, and he weighs about 30 pounds. He is growing and getting stronger every day! Right now, we are working on making sure he is comfortable around us by spending time with him and developing a positive relationship. 

When you visit the zoo to see Cash, don’t be surprised to find him climbing around the exhibit or resting on his favorite rock in the tidal pool. Thank you to everyone who voted to help choose Cash’s name. Come by anytime during Zoo hours or to one of our sea lion presentations at 1 or 2 p.m. to learn more!

– Erin Cornfield and Sierra Chappell, marine mammal caretakers

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