The Return of Beloved Mold-A-Matic Animal Souvenir Machines

Refurbished Machines Enable Families to Share Zoo Memory with New Generation

Just in time for the spring and summer rush, the Zoo has installed five MOLD-A-MATIC souvenir machines for guests to discover and share. Originally appearing in the Zoo in the early 1970s, these popular machines became a guest favorite for their ability to produce a miniature animal replica behind a plexiglass window within 60 seconds.  After several decades, the machines deteriorated from extreme weather exposure and from producing tens of thousands of souvenirs. The last souvenir machine was removed from the Zoo in 2010.

Five newly refurbished machines, featuring the description “The Magic Souvenir Maker”, have been placed throughout the Zoo.  Each machine produces a different animal using the original souvenir molds including a gorilla, grizzly bear, hippopotamus, elephant and giraffe.  Each figurine is produced in the original array of colors and each features the “OKC Zoo” stamp at the base signifying its origin.

“We’re thrilled to bring these MOLD-A-MATIC machines to the Oklahoma City Zoo.  The sight, sound and even the smell of these refurbished souvenir makers create an unforgettable experience for guests who remember them fondly and for a new generation to discover and collect,” said Bill Dockum, director of guest experience.

Staff members placed the machines throughout the Zoo without promotion in February and, within 10 days, guests had purchased 2,300 units and social media was buzzing with news. A video posted on the Zoo’s Facebook page (@okczoobg) on Thursday, February 23, announcing the return of MOLD-A-MATICS, became the Zoo’s most watched video with more than 40,000 views in 14 hours!

Each MOLD-A-MATIC souvenir costs $3 with machines modernized to take both cash and credit cards. With less than 200 machines believed to be in operation today, these nostalgic souvenirs are a favorite among collectors of all ages with some having sold for more than $200.

Come back to the Zoo and discover a memory! Share the “new” MOLD-A-MATICS with a new generation!

--Carrie Allen, public relations associate


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