The Ultimate Ice Cream Guide

One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is to enjoy the perfect tasty, cold and sweet treat – ice cream! But before you go digging into that carton that’s waiting for you in the freezer, ask yourself, “Have I checked to make sure it doesn’t contain palm oil?”

This blog’s purpose is not to discuss the health implications of consuming palm oil. We’re here to tell you about the products you can consume that don’t contain non-sustainable palm oil, so its production can be reduced altogether.

The Danger of Palm Oil

The production of palm oil is the main cause of deforestation in areas of Asia where numerous endangered species inhabit. The land is converted to palm oil plantations  – severely challenging animals like Sumatran orangutans, Sumatran elephants and Sumatran tigers that are left with nowhere to live.

The Ultimate Ice Cream Guide for Your Summer

What are some sustainable ice cream brands that can help to satisfy your cravings, you ask? Well luckily for Zoo guests, we serve one of them – Breyers ice cream!

So while you’re visiting the zoo, cool off with this tasty treat at the Lakeside Café! The café serves an assortment of flavors including vanilla, chocolate and cookies and cream.

Thankfully, Breyers isn’t the only ice cream producer to support palm oil sustainability! Here’s a list of other sustainable choices:

  • Ben & Jerry

  • Dove

  • Edy’s

  • Great Value

  • Häagen-Dazs

  • Healthy Choice

  • Magnum

  • Nestlé

  • Snickers

  • Twix

There are also companies that produce toppings and candy that are sustainable choices, too. These brands include Great Value, Hershey’s, Mars and Nestlé.

How To Make Sustainable Shopping Decisions

When you’re at the store buying ice cream for yourself or for a big summer barbecue, make the orangutan-friendly choice – RSPO products! RSPO stands for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. In 2004, RSPO was established to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo created an mobile application that allows users to scan and search products while grocery shopping to ensure that they are sustainable. We challenge you to download the app and support sustainable products when you shop!

– OKC Zoo Public Relations and Marketing Department 

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