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Zoo Amenities & Accessibility

Stroller, Wagon, Wheelchair, EVC, Pet Hotel, and Locker Rentals

All rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit the Strollers Windows in the Zoo's Global Plaza to rent these items.

  • Strollers-Single: $8.00

  • Strollers-Double: $11.00

  • Wagons: $11.00

  • Wheelchairs: $12.00

  • Electric Convenience Vehicles: $30.00 - With Canopy: $40.00

  • Pet Hotel: $1.00

  • Lockers: $1.00 (4 quarters)

Safari Cart Rentals

Enjoy a personalized, guided, two-hour tour of the Zoo by renting a Safari Cart. Due to heavier crowds, Safari Carts are not available during Spring Break in March or special Zoo events.

  • The 7-person cart will be driven by a Zoo employee

  • The cost for both ZOOfriends members and non-members is $200 and does not include general admission or experiences.

  • Full payment must accompany any reservation

  • Tours are given at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

  • Due to the size of the cart, certain areas of the Zoo must be walked on foot

  • The Safari Cart can be reserved by e-mailing or calling 405-425-0262

VIP Safari Tour

Take the ultimate private, exclusive adventure through the Oklahoma City Zoo with an Ultimate VIP Experience.

Imagine a personal tour guide in a private safari cart plus access to all rides, attractions, animal feedings, and all Wild Encounters (based on availability and weather-permitting)! Now, turn that dream into an experience of a lifetime.

Ultimate VIP Experiences are offered daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (with a 45-minute lunch break). Cost: $250 per person ($225 for ZOOfriend members). To book this unique experience, please call (405) 424-3344.

Zoo Concessions

The Zoo offers a wide varity of eateries operated by our food, beverage and merchandising partner, Lancer Hospitality. Lotus Pavilion at Sanctuary Asia and The Canopy near Children's Zoo are the largest restaurants at the OKC Zoo and offer guests delectable dining experiences daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Menus includes pizza, fresh burgers, chicken tenders, corn dogs, salads, daily specials and vegetarian items. Drinks include a variety of refreshing bottled and fountain drinks, ice tea and coffee. Fresh fruit, snacks and desserts are also available.

Other food locations within the Zoo offer delicious snacks and treats and are open seasonally.

Zoo Gift Shops

The Zoo has unique gift shops operated by our food, beverage and merchandising partner Lancer Hospitality, offering unique gifts for all ages.

The Safari Gift Shop is located in the Zoo's Global Plaza and is open daily at 10 a.m. It houses apparel for the whole family, home decor items, educational toys, plush gifts and fun souvenirs. This shop is a definite stop year round. The Safari Gift Shop also offers all the necessities for a fun and safe day at the Zoo including sun block, hats, snacks, a limited supply of batteries, and more. Zoo entry is not required to visit this shop.


The Oklahoma City Zoo is accessible to people of all abilities. Pathways, exhibits, restaurants, restrooms and drinking fountains are ADA accessible. In addition, the Zoo’s Jungle Gym playground and play area across from the picnic grounds feature ADA accessible equipment. Animal habitats are easy to view from any vantage point.

The Zoo’s Guest Experience staff is pleased to assist guests requiring special assistance to ensure an enjoyable experience. Please contact the Zoo in advance of your visit by calling (405) 425-0262.

Sensory Sensitivity

The Oklahoma City Zoo partnered with KultureCity to improve the Zoo’s ability to assist and accommodate guests with sensory processing needs. The objective is to provide an inclusive and seamless experience for every guest, regardless of age and ability, including those with sensory processing disorders (SPDs). The Zoo has installed signage identifying quiet zones and headphone zones to help visitors as they explore the Zoo grounds.

Sensory Bags

Sensory bags containing fidget tools, noise-canceling headphones and other resources, are available for checkout (at no cost by leaving an ID) in our Guest Experience office in the entry plaza. Sensory bags are also available in the Zoo’s Rosser Conservation Education Center.

Weighted Lap Pads

Weighted lap pads are also available upon request (at no cost by leaving an ID) in our Guest Experience office and in the Zoo’s Rosser Education Center.

Quiet and Calm Zones

The zoo has designated “Quiet Zones” and "Calm Zones" throughout the park. These areas typically have less activity and spaces to sit and regroup after becoming overstimulated.

Quiet and Calm Zones are in the following locations:

  • Animal Hospital 
  • Canopy Café East Room
  • Children's Zoo (Across from Chilean Flamingos)
  • Children's Zoo (Grandma's Porch)
  • Children's Zoo (Central Gazebo)
  • Covered Bench Area (Outside Entry Plaza, Near Centennial Choo-Choo)
  • Great EscApe (Under Observation Tower Near Outdoor Chimp Habitat)
  • Great EscApe (Gorilla Pavilion)
  • Grotto at Zoo Lake (Past Meerkat and Red Pandas)
  • Oklahoma Trails Nocturnal Circle
  • Picnic Area Pavilion
  • ZooZeum (Across from the Elephant Habitat)

Headphone Zones

We have identified areas that are noisy and where guests tend to linger as “Headphone Zones.”  

These areas include:

  • Dan Moran Aviary (Children’s Zoo)
  • Explorikeet Adventure (Children’s Zoo)
  • Great EscApe Chimp Yard
  • Great EscApe Gorilla/Orangutan Building
  • Endangered Species Carousel
  • Pachyderm Building
  • Elephant Habitat
  • Centennial Choo-Choo Train
  • Sea Lion Presentation Stadium

Family Restrooms

  • Entry Plaza
  • Children’s Zoo
  • Elephant Habitat

Staff Training

Another aspect of the KultureCity partnership involved training Zoo staff members to increase understanding of SPDs, informing them about the efforts the OKC Zoo is making to better serve the community and to discuss strategies each department can implement to support this initiative.

Service Dogs

It is the policy of The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden to disallow outside animals from entering the Zoo grounds. This includes, but is not limited to, pets such as dogs and cats.

However, the requirement of a “service dog” by individual(s) is understood and therefore the Zoo maintains a protocol in which to operate should a person(s) desire a “service dog” on Zoo grounds.

No animals, including service dogs, will be allowed inside any interactive animal exhibit at the Zoo including, but not limited, to the Centennial Choo Choo, Dan Moran Aviary, Oklahoma Trails Aviary and the Lorikeet exhibit. This is intended for the health and well-being of the Zoo’s animal collection, our guests and the service dog.

If visiting the OKC Zoo with a service dog, visitors are required to check in at the Zoo's security office before proceeding to the park. 

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