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Growing Knowledge: OKC Zoo’s First Botanical Garden Research Study Underway

The OKC Zoo’s butterfly and pollinator habitat is in bloom and teeming with life this month as caterpillars munch away on host plants and butterflies stop by for a quick drink of nectar. June is a great month to enjoy our gardens as many early summer blooming perennials, like milkweed, are in full bloom and attracting countless beneficial insects. The butterfly garden and pollinator habitat is the scene of a very important research project from the Oklahoma County Conservation... Read More
at Friday, June 7, 2019
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OKC Zoo's Botanical Garden Earns Prestigious Accreditation

The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden recently earned a prestigious accreditation from Botanical Garden Conservation International (BGCI). The Zoo’s botanical garden is a longtime member of BGCI, an organization created in 1987 to promote plant conservation by linking the botanical gardens of the world into a global network. The botanical garden’s five-year accreditation means the facility is certified as an official BGCI botanical garden. This brings with it a new... Read More
at Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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We are TREE Champions!

While researching the Oklahoma City Zoo’s botanical garden collection, we asked the Oklahoma Forestry Services to look at several of our landmark trees to help identify age and size for possible state champion tree status and conservation. Oklahoma Forestry Services, in cooperation with the Oklahoma Forestry Association, maintains records on the largest specimens of many of Oklahoma's tree species . This list has been updated and published periodically since the early... Read More
at Wednesday, January 9, 2019
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Brown Gold: Introducing Zoo Poo Compost

Just over a year ago, Horticultural Curator Lance Swearengin looked up at the Oklahoma City Zoo’s ever-growing mountain of organic plant and animal waste and began formulating a plan. He realized this increasingly hard to manage 15-year-old compost heap wasn’t a burden, but an opportunity in disguise... there was (brown) gold in that hill. Swearengin reached out to Oklahoma City-based landscaping company Minick Materials and presented a plan that would utilize their... Read More
at Monday, March 12, 2018
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Master Gardeners “Dig In” at OKC Zoo’s Botanical Garden

Public gardens like those at the Oklahoma City Zoo rely on a steady stream of volunteers to supplement regular garden staff and anyone from retired seniors interested in gardening to horticulture enthusiasts are invited to join the Zoo's botanic team any time of year. I recently visited the Oklahoma State University County Extension Office to speak with a local Master Gardener group regarding the Zoo's diverse volunteer opportunities, including the planting of... Read More
at Monday, January 15, 2018
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