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Mush(room) to Grow: Mycology 101

It is spring here at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden. The ground is warming, birds are singing, and it’s mushroom season! These fragile organisms are often overlooked or viewed as a pest, but we at the Zoo have a pension for these slimy, little marvels. The vast collection of flora upkept by the Zoo’s horticultural team is host to a few hundred of the over ten thousand known mushroom species, and they can be split into four basic categories – saprophytic,... Read More
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Growing Knowledge: OKC Zoo’s First Botanical Garden Research Study Underway

The OKC Zoo’s butterfly and pollinator habitat is in bloom and teeming with life this month as caterpillars munch away on host plants and butterflies stop by for a quick drink of nectar. June is a great month to enjoy our gardens as many early summer blooming perennials, like milkweed, are in full bloom and attracting countless beneficial insects. The butterfly garden and pollinator habitat is the scene of a very important research project from the Oklahoma County Conservation... Read More
at Friday, June 7, 2019
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