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OKC Zoo Caretaker's Commitment to Cheetahs Extends Beyond the Sooner State to Somaliland

  Oklahoma City Zoo’s Assistant Curator of Carnivores, Shawn, recalls his recent travels to Africa to support cheetah conservation… Confiscated cheetah cub being cared for by CCF.   I had the privilege recently to help support one of the Oklahoma City Zoo’s conservation partners, the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) and travel to Somaliland, Africa to help in the care of wild cheetahs. I believe that when most people get into an animal caretaking career, they ha... Read More

Captivating Cheetahs: OKC Zoo Celebrates Cheetahs

In honor of International Cheetah Day on December 4, we’re celebrating our newest animal family members, cheetah brothers Boomer and Pistol “Pete”! Boomer and Pete arrived at the OKC Zoo’s new Predator Pass habitat from Little Rock Zoo in Little Rock, Arkansas, over a month ago. The five-year-old brothers were born at Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since joining the Zoo’s animal family, their caretakers have noticed some key differences in their “purr... Read More

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