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At the OKC Zoo, Go Wild!

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A Bear-y Merry Groundhog Day at the OKC Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden is celebrating Groundhog Day in a wild way – with help from 17-year-old grizzly bear brothers, Will and Wiley, who have been official Groundhog Day ambassadors for many years. While the Zoo is not home to groundhogs – the notable furry face of this special day – it is home to two species of bears, including the grizzly bear and black bear. Like groundhogs, bears are also in tune with weather changes, qualifying them as an... Read More
at Thursday, January 30, 2020
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Zoo Bears Enjoy Weather-Predicting Tradition

Grizzly bear brothers, Will and Wiley, have been predicting the weather on  Groundhog  Day at the Zoo since shortly after their arrival in 2003. Although not  groundhog s, bears are very in tune with the weather and upcoming seasonal changes because the presence of their food resources in the wild also changes with the weather. Interestingly, this celebration of changing seasons has ancient European origins in which a badger or a sacred bear were part of weather lore and held... Read More
at Thursday, February 2, 2017
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