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Fostering Finyezi: Western Lowland Gorilla Bonds with Surrogate Mom

Finyezi, born June 15, 2018, is nearing his first birthday – a year that has been complete with many milestones met! Shortly after Fin’s birth in June 2018, it was observed that his mother, Njole, was not providing maternal care for him. Following this observation, his caretaker’s made the decision to hand raise him behind-the-scenes - a rewarding job that ‘took a village’. Because gorillas are very social and complex animals, it was important for... Read More
at Friday, May 17, 2019
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Swan Hatchling Doing Swimmingly at OKC Zoo

Sam and Olivia, the Oklahoma City Zoo’s trumpeter swan pair, are parents again! OKC Zoo caretakers noted Olivia laid her clutch of four eggs by Tuesday, May 29 and had been dutifully incubating ever since. When the eggs were inspected to see if they demonstrated any signs of fertility, one of the four showed signs of viability. Happily, on Friday, June 29, the egg did produce a new cygnet (baby swan) and it appears to be healthy, already venturing out to explore its new home and... Read More
at Tuesday, July 3, 2018
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Have You HERD Asha's Big News?

You are never supposed to have a favorite animal, but I have to admit some of us do. For me, it’s Asha, the OKC Zoo’s 23-year-old female Asian elephant. She has a sweet temperament, eager to train and socialize with caretakers. She is also a wonderful mother to Achara, 3, and will soon be raising a new calf, due this fall after a 22-month gestation! Rex, 48, will yet again be a proud papa fathering his second calf since he arrived at the Zoo.   You may be asking... Read More
at Monday, May 7, 2018
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Cupcakes for conservation: Pinkitzel & OKC Zoo partner in honor of newborn gorilla

Through the end of January, Pinkitzel Candy & Cupcakes is donating 50 cents for each Neapolitan cupcake sold to the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden’s Round Up for Conservation initiative. The partnership developed after the Zoo contacted Pinkitzel to produce a special batch of cupcakes for an on-air newborn gorilla gender reveal. The Oklahoma-based confectionary produced a dozen pink frosting-filled cupcakes to help the Zoo announce that the Western lowland gorilla newborn,... Read More
at Monday, January 8, 2018
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The Nur"sss"ery

If you’ve found yourself walking through the Zoo’s Herpetarium building within the last year you might’ve noticed that one of your favorite scaley creatures has found a new home. The reticulated python has moved into a bigger, better and more exciting habitat. The reptile and amphibian department has renovated her old slithering grounds into a baby nursery.  There, guests can watch as young reptiles and amphibians grow into their own skin.  In the past year,... Read More
at Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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