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Too Gourd to be True: Excrement Produces Unexpected Produce

Everyone knows that bees (and other species) pollinate flowers. But what happens afterwards? New flowers spring up but the fruits of these pollinators hard labor can also be found in the shape of… well, fruits! These soft organs produced by some plant species usually encase seeds that need planting. It’s how these plants reproduce. But what purpose do these plants serve? Most fruits are meant to be eaten. The seeds often have protective layers that can withstand animal digestive... Read More
at Thursday, September 6, 2018
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Black Bear Sammy Passes Away

Sammy, one of the OKC Zoo’s beloved black bears, passed away Sunday, August 5. Sammy had been receiving treatments for arthritis since 2014 and cold laser treatment since his annual exam in March. Caretakers had been keeping a particularly watchful eye on him since Friday, when he was demonstrating signs of pain and weakness, such as having difficulty walking and not eating. Sammy seemed to improve Saturday, but was having significant difficulty getting up and walking on Sunday. Because... Read More
at Monday, August 6, 2018
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That’s Not a Black Bear

This summer, the Zoo introduced a new resident into the American black bear habitat at Oklahoma Trails! Can you guess what animal it might be? Here’s a hint… it’s not a black bear! In fact, this animal is red, small and shares a common natural habitat with bears Woody, Maynard and Sammy’s wild counterparts. Their new habitat-mate is a red fox named Zinc.  The Purpose Behind Multi-Species Environments Multi-species environments... Read More
at Friday, September 8, 2017
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