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New at the Zoo: Critically Endangered Addra Gazelle

The Oklahoma City Zoo is pleased to welcome three male Addra gazelle to its animal family! Their names have special significance, relating to their individual personalities while paying tribute to the species’ native lands. Two-year-old Obi’s name is Yoruban for “heart” since he has a heart-shaped white patch of fur on his chest; one-year-old Takitti’s name means watermelon because gazelle will often eat melons to stay hydrated; and two-year-old Jabari’s name... Read More
at Tuesday, September 11, 2018
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Children Planting Trees for Alligator Lizards and Their Community

The Campbell’s alligator lizard is a critically endangered tree-dwelling lizard found only in one small part of Guatemala. Falsely believed to be venomous, until recently this lizard was killed on sight and the forest it lived in was reduced to a fragment. The OKC Zoo is helping to fund a forest restoration and conservation education project that has changed the community’s attitude about these lizards and increased their habitat. Campbell’s alligator lizards live in mature... Read More
at Friday, August 18, 2017
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