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Birds of Many Feathers Will Flock Together

Anyone who has remodeled a house knows that you most always run into the unexpected. The recent remodel of the Zoo’s Dan Moran Aviary has been no exception. First, we carefully moved more than 30 birds to a Zoo holding area called overwintering, where the birds--from small passerines (or songbirds such as tanagers and cardinals), waterfowl, gamebirds, doves, turacos and shorebirds—can temporarily live during cold months. One of the projects included tearing out and rebuilding a... Read More
at Wednesday, December 28, 2016
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Dan Moran Aviary to be Renovated

The OKC Zoo’s bird department is excited about its newest project starting this Fall -  the renovation of the Dan Moran Aviary.  After the annual Haunt the Zoo event on October 31, we will be closing the aviary and all of the birds will be moved off exhibit for the internal renovation. Thanks to the support of the Dan Moran family, we will change the aviary from one single exhibit where the birds moved throughout the building into four distinct exhibits allowing us to better... Read More
at Wednesday, October 5, 2016
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