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Gorilla Gab: Quirky Traits of the Gorilla Troops

In honor of World Gorilla Day on Friday, September 24, we’re sharing all of the gab about the Oklahoma City Zoo’s beloved gorilla family members – courtesy of their caretakers! The Zoo is home to two troops of Western lowland gorillas – a family troop and a bachelor troop. The bachelor troop consists of three individuals – George, 17, Bouendje (Bo), 15, and Bakari, 15; and the family troop consists of seven gorillas – Finyezi (Fin), 3, Azinza, 3, Ruby, 6,... Read More
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Following Fin’s Footsteps: A Momentous Milestone

Before the morning of Thursday, June 26, two-year-old Western lowland gorilla, Finyezi (Fin), had never been seen on public view by guests at the Oklahoma City Zoo, but all of that changed that sunny morning, when he explored the gorilla habitat with his family troop for the first time! While many on-looking Zoo guests may have not realized the importance of that moment in time, we (Fin’s caretakers) all watched with butterflies in our stomachs as we witnessed him reach the ultimate... Read More
at Friday, July 3, 2020
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Fostering Finyezi: Western Lowland Gorilla Bonds with Surrogate Mom

Finyezi, born June 15, 2018, is nearing his first birthday – a year that has been complete with many milestones met! Shortly after Fin’s birth in June 2018, it was observed that his mother, Njole, was not providing maternal care for him. Following this observation, his caretaker’s made the decision to hand raise him behind-the-scenes - a rewarding job that ‘took a village’. Because gorillas are very social and complex animals, it was important for... Read More
at Friday, May 17, 2019
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Living the Bachelor Life - Understanding Gorilla Social Structure

An important social arrangement for gorillas is the bachelor group. A typical family has only one mature male and many females with offspring, so there will be quite a few males who find themselves without any lady friends. These males can either live a solitary life or hang out with other single males. In the wild, bachelor groups are usually loose associations, however, sometimes males will bond and form more permanent friendships. In zoos, bachelor groups are planned out well in advance.... Read More
at Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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