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Hip, Hippo, Hooray!

In honor of National Hippo Day, the Oklahoma City Zoo celebrates its pygmy hippos: Francesca (Franny) and Wolee. Francesca turned 26 in December, which coincided with her move to the Zoo . She is settling in nicely at her new habitat and started exploring outside on warmer days. She and Wolee alternate going out in the hippo habitat on nice days. Francesca is very curious, enjoys enrichment activities and spending time with her caretakers. She will immediately get up and come to the door to... Read More
at Thursday, February 15, 2018
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OKC ZOO WELCOMES (ANOTHER) HIPPOPOTAMUS FOR CHRISTMAS History repeats itself as the Zoo welcomes a new hippopotamus in time for the holidays Just in time for the holidays, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden has welcomed a 26-year-old female pygmy hippopotamus, Francesca. Caretakers describe Franny as confident and calm with a love for carrots, yams, cucumbers and apples. She joins Wolee, a 43-year-old male pygmy hippo, at the Zoo’s pachyderm habitat. Wolee has... Read More
at Saturday, December 9, 2017
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