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Birds of Many Feathers Will Flock Together

Anyone who has remodeled a house knows that you most always run into the unexpected. The recent remodel of the Zoo’s Dan Moran Aviary has been no exception. First, we carefully moved more than 30 birds to a Zoo holding area called overwintering, where the birds--from small passerines (or songbirds such as tanagers and cardinals), waterfowl, gamebirds, doves, turacos and shorebirds—can temporarily live during cold months. One of the projects included tearing out and rebuilding a... Read More
at Wednesday, December 28, 2016
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Phoenix Dives in Deep

Phoenix , our California sea lion pup, was born earlier this year on June 25, weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds. In only five months, she has more than tripled her weight. Sea lion pups usually gain one to two pounds per week, so she is right on track! Her parents, Xander and Pearl, were rescues, which is important to the zoological community because their genetics were not represented… until  Phoenix  was born! Pups are well developed at birth. They can see, vocalize... Read More
at Monday, December 12, 2016
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Xena’s Big Delivery of Fourteen Painted Pups

While alpha male, Dojo, stood guard outside the den box in the early morning hours of November 17, Xena, our female African painted dog, began giving birth to her fourth litter of critically endangered pups. Throughout the delivery, the exact number of pups was a mystery to Zoo staff as they monitored Xena’s progress on remote cameras. After two days of active labor, they confirmed that Xena had given birth to 14 painted pups! Xena has become an experienced and doting mother.... Read More
at Wednesday, November 30, 2016
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Achara, our extremely playful and incredibly curious elephant

Achara, the Oklahoma City Zoo’s nearly two-year-old baby elephant, is not only extremely playful but also incredibly curious. Today, November 11, that sense of curiosity turned to mischief when she, to her zookeepers’ surprise, safely squeezed her 2,070-pound body through an 18-inch-wide steel cable perimeter and grazed on the other side of the fence. A Zoo team member saw her and immediately notified the elephant team. A few minutes later she squeezed back through to be with her... Read More
at Friday, November 11, 2016
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Behind Closed Doors

It’s not often that our big Reticulated python gets to wander the halls of the Herpetarium at the OKC Zoo but sometimes it is the only way to move her from one location to  another, or  just to let her stretch and explore.  Her massive size of over 20 feet long at nearly  140 pounds , combined with “I want to be left alone”  attitude, preclude  one from simply putting her in a box and toting her around.   Visitors  who... Read More
at Thursday, October 20, 2016
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The Lorikeets Behind the Explorikeet Adventure

The Explorikeet experience offers a unique opportunity for guests to feed and serve as human perches for our flock of colorful lorikeets.   But where did all our beautiful birds come from? Some were hatched here at the zoo and some came from other zoos. Our breeder pair has a cozy space and nest box for privacy and comfort, which helps them care for their eggs and chicks. When the babies are a few weeks old, we transfer them to... Read More
at Monday, October 17, 2016
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The Wilder The Better: Zoo Animal Painting Techniques

Giraffes, gorillas, sea lions, stingrays, red river hogs, bears, tigers and more! The Zoo’s Art Gone Wild animal art show features original art pieces painted by a variety of animal ambassadors during voluntary enrichment sessions that address an animal's social, psychological and physical needs. Have you ever wondered what techniques our featured animal artists use to get artsy at the Zoo? Here at the wildest place in Oklahoma City, our animals create artwork with a wild style to... Read More
at Thursday, September 29, 2016
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