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Leaning on Each Otter this World Otter Day

In honor of World Otter Day, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden invited Ben Yoxon of the International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) to write a guest blog about IOSF’s crucial conservation efforts to protect the world’s 13 species of otters. The Zoo is home to two North American river otters, Rocky and Pip, who reside at the Big Rivers habitat located inside Oklahoma Trails. Other otter species include sea otters, giant otters, Eurasian otters, Asian small-clawed otters, smoo... Read More

Conservation Success Stories: Increasing the Genetic Diversity of Guatemalan Beaded Lizards

Here at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, we believe in the importance of conserving the world’s wildlife and wild places. In 2020, the Zoo raised over $220,000 to benefit local and global conservation efforts as part of its Round Up for Conservation initiative. Through individual guest contributions, Round Up for Conservation funds helped cultivate 10 conservation success stories in 2020. One of those ten focused toward a goal of increasing the genetic diversity of ... Read More

Beaks and Binoculars: Birdwatching for Beginners

The Great Backyard Bird Count, a citizens-science project in its 24th year, is hosted annually in the month of February. This project calls on bird enthusiasts all over the world  to come together and assist with identifying, counting and learning about different bird species. In past years, the Zoo has partnered with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife (ODWC) to host a Backyard Bird Count event on Zoo grounds, consisting of guided tours from local, bird experts. However,  because ... Read More

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