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Changing Seasons, Adapting Care

Things change as the temperature dips! Caring for the Oklahoma City Zoo’s diverse animal collection (over 300 species!) through all the seasons requires caretakers to be familiar with their animals’ natural behaviors to make them comfortable year-round. As an over-arching concept, animals can be found in “tropical” or “polar”, with “temperate” areas of the world in between the extremes. Those adapted to tropical areas are less naturally able to... Read More
at Tuesday, February 4, 2020
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Brrr... Cold Weather on the Wild Side

Brrrrr-----It’s cold out there! This week saw the first snow of the winter season! For humans, this means holidays, sledding and cocoa. Winter for our animals is an exciting time as well! As their caretakers, it is our job to ensure our animals remain safe and comfortable during all conditions. Our varied Oklahoma City weather offers our animals the chance to experience a wide variety of temperatures and conditions. Cold weather and snow can... Read More
at Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Trumpeting the Cause for Wetlands

New to the Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Gardens this past summer were a family group of Trumpeter Swans. On public view at the waterfowl ponds near the front entrance are an adult pair (white plumage) and their fully grown offspring (called a cygnet, gray plumage for the first year). The mating pair, Sam and Olivia, and their male cygnet, hatched in June 2017, were actually my families’ personal swans who made the journey to OKC with us when we moved here after I accepted the... Read More
at Friday, December 22, 2017
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Chill, Not Chilly: OKC Zoo Prepared to Keep Animals Warm During Winter Weather

A common concern among guests this time of year is, “What happens to the animals during cold or icy weather and how do they spend their time indoors?” Whether it’s cold or stormy, animals at the Oklahoma City Zoo stay warm, cozy and safe when inclement weather strikes. All species have designated weather parameters that dictate when they need to stay inside. Those are one of the only times animals may be secured in their holding quarters. Modern animal care standards in... Read More
at Tuesday, December 5, 2017
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Winter on the Wild Side

Ever wonder where the animals go when the weather gets cold?  The Oklahoma City Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals which originate from all over the world.  These parts of the world experience different temperatures and climates. Oklahoma can get cold during the winter but, in comparison to some parts of the United States and the world, our state is considered to have usually mild winters.  Our caretakers ensure that the Zoo’s animals have structures or shelters... Read More
at Friday, December 16, 2016
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