For decades, the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden has been dedicated and committed to not only inspiring conservationists but to the health and wellbeing of the animals in our care. Since 1904 when the OKC Zoo was known as the Wheeler Park Zoo, there have been incredible advancements in the way that zoos care for their animals. Long gone are the days when zoos would put emphasis on the entertainment of guests without much consideration for the animals’ wellbeing. Today, accredited members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, like the OKC Zoo, are dedicated to educating guests about the importance of scientific research and conservation and providing world class habitats. These modern philosophies have been a strong influence at the OKC Zoo, resulting in the Zoo becoming a leader in animal care and conservation. The result of this passion and dedication to our animals has been visible in the years of improvements to our habitats.   

The Patricia and Byron Gambulos OKC Zoo ZooZeum is a place where visitors can not only discover the Zoo’s history but relive some of their favorite memories that have happened for nearly 120 years! Starting now, guests can take a journey to the past and experience the ZooZeum’s newest exhibit, Commitment to Advancing Animal Care. Guests can get a firsthand look at the growth of the OKC Zoo and the design enhancements used in animal habitats to provide better animal welfare. Guests can see the past and present in the newest exhibit at the ZooZeum and look at historical documents like the Zoo’s 1987 Master Plan for construction and a special sneak peak of the brand-new Expedition Africa expansion and the new marine mammal habitat. Ever wanted to build your own zoo? This new exhibit features activity stations where guests can create their own animal habitat and try their hand at creating a zoo layout! Maybe there’s an animal habitat you’d like to see in the future. A QR code in the exhibit encourages guests to recommend animal habitats they’d like to see in the future. Finally, in the spirit of nostalgia, a mailbox is available that encourages guests of all ages and generations to share their favorite zoo memory!

The ZooZeum is located at Sanctuary Asia across from the elephant presentation pavilion and open daily during regular park hours. 

Posted by Candice Rennels at 16:02
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