New OKC Zoo Map Makes Exploring Simpler, More Fun

Guests visiting the Oklahoma City Zoo this month have been greeted with a new Zoo map, simplifying the process of navigating the 120-acre complex.

As one of the largest Zoos in the nation, it’s easy for guests to lose their way at the OKC Zoo! With many guests being school students, Zoo staff wanted to re-work the map to be fun and easy to use. The updated map was designed by OKC agency Robot House Creative and reimagined to help guests of all ages better connect with wildlife within the Zoo.

The new map is physically larger (11” x 17”) to accommodate the Zoo’s shape and expansions and has been re-oriented so that North at the top of the page. For faster orientation, the Zoo’s habitats on the map have been color coded with nine distinct sections: Children’s Zoo (orange), Island Life (pink), Butterfly Gardens (light blue), Africa (purple), Great EscApe (teal), Oklahoma Trails (yellow), Cat Forest (dark green), Lakeside Picnic Grounds (light green) and Sanctuary Asia (red) which encompasses our current elephant habitat and the new 4.5-acre expansion opening this summer. By using color zones, larger icons and more prominent animal graphics, kids can spend more time enjoying the animals and Zoo offerings and less time trying to figure out where they are.

Design cues from the new map will soon extend throughout the Zoo, with the same colors, icons and animals appearing on way-finding signs including eight popular “You Are Here” signs placed at high traffic locations. The map’s design elements will also eventually extend to hundreds of animal identification signs. By doing this, guests will be able to know what zone or section they are in by simply looking at the color on the animal IDs.   

The back of the Zoo map was also refreshed to more effectively and concisely communicate all of the Zoo’s programs and amenities. This was perhaps the most challenging part of creating the new map. While the Zoo offers amazing experiences and activities for an additional price to general admission, there are many free experiences that visitors can enjoy – particularly our Keeper Connections, which allow guests to meet and speak with our animal experts. The back of the map also features great information about upcoming events, camps and unique experiences available here at the OKC Zoo!

New Zoo Map 
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Zoo Map

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