SPRINGTIME FUN BLOOMS AT THE OKC ZOO: Ten Tips For Your Spring Break Zoo Visit!

Since 1904, Oklahomans have celebrated springtime at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Whether it’s an annual school trip or family visit, the Zoo is an ideal place to make lifelong memories. To make the most of your next visit, remember these top tips and consider the special way you can make a difference in animal conservation. 


#1. Buy Your Tickets Online. This spring break the Zoo has rolled out the green carpet just for YOU! When you purchase tickets online, you can skip the Zoo’s ticket windows and follow the green carpet directly to the turnstile entry. Purchase tickets at www.okczoo.org/tickets.

#2. Make Your Plan. The typical Zoo visit is about 3 hours and sometimes it’s a challenge to see everything. Before your visit, check out the Zoo’s map on our website. On the 2nd page of the map you’ll see the times and prices for animal presentations and attractions. This helps you create a game plan for your best zoo adventure.

#3. Arrive Early. You can beat the crowds and see our wildlife at a time when many are very active – in the mornings! The Zoo opens every day 9 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. with the last entry no later than 4 p.m.

#4. Stay Hydrated. Many guests are surprised by how much walking they’ll do at the Zoo. It’s good to stay hydrated. The Zoo has over 30 beverage machines, 5 restaurants and more than a dozen water fountains. Guests are also allowed to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages into the Zoo.

#5. Guest Services. Our team offers many tools and services to accommodate Zoo guests. You can rent electric chair vehicles, strollers, wagons, wheel chairs and we even have a pet hotel. The Zoo provides other amenities that you can learn about at www.okczoo.org.

#6. Dress for Success. Oklahoma weather is constantly changing, so plan accordingly. Pamper your feet with comfy shoes and your skin with sunscreen applied 30 minutes before you arrive. Once the temperatures rise, cool off at the Children’s Zoo waterway or dip a hand into Stingray Bay’s touch pool.

#7. See Our Elephant Calf Rama! Visit Sanctuary Asia to see our Asian elephant calf, Rama. Born on January 20, Rama, is healthy and growing, weighs close to 400 lbs. He is extremely inquisitive and can be seen exploring his habitat with his family group as well as taking the occasional nap!

#8. Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is. When visiting the Zoo remember to put your money where your heart is and Round Up for Conservation. When you “round up” your zoo purchases to the nearest dollar they become an integral part of our mission for supporting animal conservation around the world.

#9. Free Caretaker Chats. These informal chats are a great way to learn more about our animal family from the experts caring for them each and every day. Chat times/schedule available on Zoo maps.

#10. Add a Wild Encounter to Your Zoo Day! Discover our Wild Encounters, the Zoo’s premiere behind-the-scenes experiences. Connect with our expert caretakers and wildlife like never before. Wild Encounters are available daily with Asian elephants, bears, bison, Indian rhino, Galapagos tortoises and sea lions. Better yet, book a VIP tour to enjoy all six Wild Encounters and more. Details are available at www.okczoo.org.

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Hoppy spring!

Rose Bemo, Guest Services Supervisor

Posted by Candice Rennels at 15:45
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