Stingray Day: Birthday Bash Makes a Big Splash

Celebrate all 17(!) juvenile stingrays with an epic birthday bash Memorial Day (Monday, May 27) at 1 p.m. at OKC Zoo's Stingray Bay!

This event features special enrichment activities for the stringrays and will also be broadcast live on the Zoo's Facebook page. Admission to Stingray Bay is $4 per person. Admission to the Zoo is $11 for adults, $8 for children ages 3-11 and $8 for seniors ages 65 and older. 

In honor of the Zoo's single biggest birthday event ever, the aquatics team profiled their 'rays, which all have their own unique personalities:

2015 Pups: Maverick, Goose, Kate


Maverick turns 4 years old on August 17. His mom is Stella. Maverick is the class-clown of the pool. He is extremely ticklish and easily excitable, which leads to lots of splashing for the guests.

Stringray "Goose"

Goose turns 4 years old on September 16. His mom is Henna. Goose is very calm and laid back. He enjoys foraging for food and is usually swimming solo.

Stingray "Kate"

Kate turns 4 years old on September 29. Her mom is Taula. Kate is extremely outgoing and friendly. She loves EATING… she eats during public feedings, she attempts to steal food from the sharks, bat rays, southerns, and every cownose she can. Caretakers get a true workout with her. Don’t worry—she is a growing pup and her metabolism is astounding!

2016 Pups: Rose, Merlin, Tex, Violet

Stingray Rose

Rose turns 3 on June 19. Her mom is Taula. Rose is very shy and graceful. She enjoys mussel enrichment and schooling with Calypso, who she looks very similar to.

Stingray Merlin

Merlin turns 3 July 14. His mom is Maggie. Merlin is very quirky and small for his age. He enjoys interacting during public feeds and playfully teasing his caretakers.

Stingray Tex

Tex turns 3 on July 25. His mom is Duchess. Tex is very friendly with keepers. He likes to swim in the opposite direction of the school, known as a “fever” with stingrays. Tex also enjoys purposefully swimming into and through his caretakers’ legs.

Stingray Violet

Violet turns 3 on July 25. Her mom is Henna. Violet is very inquisitive and affectionate, but she does have that “independent woman” attitude. She really enjoys enrichment that includes different textures, which she will play with for hours.

2017 Pups: Triton, Apollo, Calypso, Zeus, Iris

Stingray Triton

Triton turns 2 on May 25. His mom is Pebbles. Triton is a very large stingray for his age and has a mastered the “terrible-twos.” He enjoys playfully teasing caretakers and pestering his mom, Pebbles. 

Stingray Apollo

Apollo turns 2 on June 23. His mom is Petunia. Apollo is very bashful and lightly colored. He enjoys schooling and hula hoop enrichment.

Calypso turns 2 on July 13. His mom is Lola. Calypso is good-natured and very pretty, yet sassy as can be. She enjoys participating in almost every type of enrichment, making her very fun to work with.

Stingray Zeus

Zeus turns 2 on July 16. His mom is Ella. Zeus is visually flawless, with no unique freckles or markings. He is very easy-going, but does enjoy evading caretakers.

Stingray Iris

Iris turns 2 on August 18. Her mom is Bella. Iris is the most social stingray in the pool and is currently a bright white color. She is becoming a guest-favorite due to her outgoing and brave nature! Iris enjoys belly rubs, but is very ticklish.

2018 Pups: Hercules, Minerva, Venus, Neptune, Electra, Thor

Stingray Hercules

Hercules turns 1 on May 11. His mom is Henna. Hercules is very resourceful and quiet. He grew so quickly that he was the youngest pup to ever graduate from the nursery to the main pool (6 months, normally takes around a year).

Stingray Minerva

Minerva turns 1 on May 26. Her mom is Maggie. Minerva was the smallest pup the Zoo has ever had, but has always been the bravest. She proved with her dauntless attitude that she did not need any extra help meeting milestones, like we thought she would. She is very smart and enjoys teaching other pups how to be independent.

Stingray Venus

Venus turns 1 on May 26. Her mom is Taula. Venus is extremely shy and attentive. She is slightly scared of strangers, but enjoys working with her trusted caretakers.

Stingray Neptune

Neptune turns 1 on May 30. His mom is Duchess. Neptune is very charming, yet also very socially awkward. He enjoys hand feeding, which pups don’t usually enjoy at this age. He has a very unique friendship with the pinfish in the pool!

Stingray Electra

Electra turns 1 on June 27. Her mom is Lola. Electra looks very similar to Venus, but is more approachable. She is very spunky, especially during routine checkups.

Stingray Thor

Thor turns 1 on July 26. His mom is Ella. Thor is very adaptable and feisty. He is the second smallest pup currently in the main pool. While he is keen on playing with the bigger rays all day long, he does enjoy quiet time in the nursery overnight.

-Kasey Butler, Skyler Barker, Becka Plautz - aquatics caretakers

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