Strange Sightings Reported at OKC Zoo...

7:22 AM: A suspicious creature, resembling “Big Foot” has been sighted at the OKC Zoo’s Sanctuary Asia habitat this morning! Our security team is documenting his movements.

8:10 AM: We’ve heard that Big Foot’s walk is pretty distinct. Believers have stated that the creature leans forward, keeping his knees more bent than humans. He appears to be walking toward the bridge leading to the Indian rhino habitat.

8:27 AM: Our security team’s presence has been detected!

8:58 AM: Big Foot has returned to his normal ‘hide and seek’ tendencies. Luckily, there’s no inconspicuous places to hide in Sanctuary Asia. 

9:13 AM: Since beginning our “Big Foot” watch, we’ve learned a few things:

  1. He is a fan of elephants, rhinos and all of the other Asian wildlife found in Sanctuary Asia.
  2. He appears to have a slight complex about his height.
  3. He isn’t the best at hiding outside of his natural habitat.
  4. He relies heavily on binoculars, indicating that he might need to visit the eye doctor.  

 9:48 AM: Our security team made contact with “Big Foot”!

When asked why he was at the OKC Zoo, he stated that he wanted to see Sanctuary Asia for himself, after hearing that the habitat expansion is a nominee for USA Today’s 10Best Readers' Choice Award for Best Zoo Exhibit! Bye for now, Big Foot!

To fans of the OKC Zoo and fascinating creatures all around the world, we thought we’d have some fun today! Happy April Fool’s Day from the Zoo to you! Don’t forget to vote for Sanctuary Asia for Best Zoo Exhibit daily through April 22!

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