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2018 Summer Camps



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Camp Details 

Week 1: June 4th to June 8th

Dino Diggin
4-5 year olds (full)| 6-7 year olds

Look out, T-Rex! Our budding paleontologists are celebratin’ and excavatin’ the mysterious world of dinosaurs. Fortunately, the zoo has its own (slightly smaller, less ancient) versions of the sabertooth tiger, stegosaurus, wooly mammoth, and protosuchus crocodile. Make fossils, dig up bones, and even visit a real dinosaur skeleton.

Animal Yuckology

8-11 year olds

Slime, vomit, and poop- oh my! The things that gross us out are important to animals and their survival. Put your safety goggles on as we explore the science and reason behind nature’s not-so-proper side. Campers will get the scoop on poop as they make dookie cookies and play “guess that scat!” A fun-filled week dissecting owl pellets and getting up-close with critters that gross us out awaits you!

Week 2: June 11th to June 15th

Bug Heroes and Plantzillas
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds

From stinking bugs to beautiful butterflies, insects live overly dramatic lives! It is not as quiet and calm as it seems – battles rage, territorial lines are drawn, and plants have their own tricks for luring insects their way. Meet some up-close insects and discover the buzzing, spitting, stinking heroics going on in your garden.

Wildlife Warriors
8-11 year olds

Animals are disappearing and you can help! Train to become a wildlife warrior and learn how to save species around the world, starting right here at the zoo. Campers will conduct a conservation project at Zoo Lake, talk to elephant keepers about poaching, and even make a poster about saving Christmas Island crabs! Extinction won’t have a chance against these future conservationists.

Zootastic Careers 
12-15 year olds

Are you considering a wild career working with animals or plants? With this camp, you’ll think outside the cage to explore a variety of zoo-related careers! You’ll have an opportunity to meet zoo professionals to learn more about animal husbandry, training, and health care. You’ll also design your very own zoo and animal exhibit to learn the tricks of the trade for keeping the animals and visitors happy.

Week 3: June 18th to June 22nd

Storybook Safari 
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds

“Once upon a time” tales are filled with animal characters. Rediscover your favorite storybook animals who live at the zoo- all while keeping an eye open for the big bad wolf! From billy goat gruff to the goose who laid a golden egg, these sassy little animals all teach us a thing or two about living with others and living outside.

Animal Myth-Busters
8-11 year olds

Do toads give you warts? Are bats really blind? Do porcupines shoot their quills? Put your guess to the test as we observe real ostriches to see if they really put their heads in the sand and watch owls up-close to see if they really do turn their heads all around. Meet a cockroach as we squash the myths that give them a bad rap.

Zoo Vet Camp
12-15 year olds

Do you dream of becoming a veterinarian? Come meet our zoo veterinary staff and discover the wild world of zoo veterinary medicine to learn what goes into caring for our variety of animals. We’ll study real x-rays and specimen slides to solve medical cases and discover how an animal’s habitat and diet can affect their health. We’ll also learn how enrichment can help an animal’s mental and physical health.

Week 4: June 25th to 29th

Animal Planet
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds | 8-11 year olds

Explore unique cultures, landscapes, and animals from around the world, without ever leaving the zoo! Design a didgeridoo, recreate the Nazca lines, and even sample an African side dish! Trek through the forest to meet cats from Asia and safari to the grasslands of Africa to see giraffes. This is sure to be one trip campers will never forget!

12-15 year olds

Animals must outwit, outplay, and outlast to survive. Can you survive the challenges of zoo life? Come explore the thrill of a predator’s hunt, chat about animal communication, journey into migration, and find out how animals protect themselves- sometimes even resorting to chemical warfare. We’ll also discover how zoos and aquariums are helping animals face the challenges that humans are causing in the wild.

Week 5 part 1: July 2nd to July 3rd (2-day camp)

Animal Architects
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds | 8-11 year olds

Animals are the original architects! Beavers build dams, birds weave nests, and bees spit-build honeycombs- and people have learned from their techniques. See these construction creations up close, and gain some hands-on building experience yourself, as we explore how animals build homes, bridges, factories, and more.

Week 5 part 2: July 5th to July 6th (2-day camp)

Okie Dokie Animals
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds | 8-11 year olds

Oklahoma has an incredible array of animals and habitats – because we’re smack-dab in the middle of the United States! From tallgrass prairie to mountain stream, we have bears, eagles, rattlesnakes, bison, and more. Spend time visiting the Oklahoma Trails exhibit and searching for native wildlife in the out-of-the-way “natural” habitats of the zoo itself.

Week 6: July 9th to July 13th

Nature’s Artists
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds

Calling all artists! Let nature bring out your “wild” side as we paint with feathers and grass and make art with leaves and other natural items. The Zoo’s botanical landscape is the perfect place to create your masterpieces, and zoo animals will be the perfect models for your drawings. Campers will meet animal artists and try their hand, or paw rather, at making nose and paw prints just like them!

Future Veterinarian  
8-11 year olds (full)

Do you want to be a vet? The passion to care for animals starts early- so learn the basics now. Animal health starts with feeding, grooming, and observing animals - which we will practice with real zoo animals. Read x-rays and learn real first aid and bandaging skills. You’ll even meet the zoo’s veterinarians in our Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital.

Toys, Treats, & Eats 
12-15 year olds

What do boxes, bags, and pinecones have in common? They can become an animal’s favorite toy! The OKC Zoo knows that animals are healthiest when they are given mental stimulation and exercise. Join us in making a variety of toys and treats that our animals are sure to enjoy. Don’t forget to bring your camera to record the animals’ unpredictable reactions!

Week 7: July 16th to July 20th

PJ Mask (Monday-Wednesday only) (full) 
3 year olds

Adventure with Owlette, Catboy, and Gekko as we learn about nocturnal animals. Explore the aviary, cat forest, and herpetarium to meet the animals who inspire our favorite PJ Masks characters.

Be a Petrinarian  
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds (full)

Are you a budding veterinarian? Whether you have a pet or just love animals – you can learn the basic skills of animal care. We’ll practice feeding, cleaning, and grooming real zoo animals, and then visit the Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital to learn how to help sick animals. End the week with the ultimate “Emergency Vet” relay game.

Animal Heroes and Spies!
8-11 year olds

Did you know that marine mammals have helped spy on enemy ships? Or that a pig once rescued his owner who was having a heart attack? From sharks to pigeons, real animals have been heroes and spies throughout history. Even bats, rats, goldfish, and slugs have helped win wars! Delve into the realm of helpers, rescuers, and sneak-sters in the animal kingdom.

Week 8: July 23rd to July 27th

Aqua Adventure (Monday-Wednesday only) (full) 
3 year olds

Jump into an underwater world featuring your aqua favorites! Touch stingrays, admire sea lions, and spy koi fish. Explore the splash pad and feed the ducks by our lakeside playground. Campers are sure to have a splashing time!

Asia Adventure  
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds | 8-11 year olds

Cities to mountains, forests galore. Asia has a lot to explore! Journey across the zoo in search of Asian animals – including those in our new Sanctuary Asia exhibit! Are komodo dragons venomous? Do all tigers have the same stripe pattern? Is a legless lizard really a snake? Your camper will be an expert after their Asian adventure at the zoo!

Week 9: July 30th to August 3rd

Nature Explorers (Monday-Wednesday only) (full)
3 year olds

Calling all Explorers! Expereince three fun-filled days of friendly animal encounters, outdoor hikes, and nature play! Explore the Children’s Zoo, ride the Centennial Choo Choo Train, and celebrate nature!

All Aboard!
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds

Are you a train fanatic? Catch a ride on the zoo train! We’ll trek around the zoo to learn how animals soar, slither, or swim from place to place. Play group games that demonstrate how some animals travel in groups to migrate or catch food. We’ll be busy moving our bodies this week, but don’t worry, we’ll give our walking feet a rest by going “all aboard” the tram and carousel, too!

8-11 year olds

Nature + Art = AWESOME! Embrace your “wild” side as you craft nature-inspired art and meet animal artists, too! The Zoo’s botanical landscape is the perfect place to create your masterpieces, and zoo animals will be the perfect models for your drawings. Try your hand, or paw rather, at “pour painting” to make nature-inspired art. No drawing or art experience needed, we will teach you step-by-step on how to draw animals too!

Week 10: August 6th to August 10th

Animal Incredibles 
4-5 year olds (full) | 6-7 year olds | 8-11 year olds

Speed, invisibility, and strength – animals have powers like your favorite incredible superheroes. We just call them adaptations! Learn how these adaptations help animals catch their dinner, stay safe from predators, and even get girlfriends! Discover animal superpowers throughout the zoo and use your imagination to design your own amazing animal! We’ll meet armored animals, critters with sharp nails, and some that jump high too!

Extended Care for all Weeks and Ages: Extended Care

Extended Care Hours are 4:30-5:30pm.

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