Lotus Pavilion at Sanctuary Asia

Central to Sanctuary Asia is Lotus Pavilion, a vast two-level restaurant and event venue with floor-to-ceiling windows seamlessly uniting animal habitats with guests, providing stunning views into animal habitats across the Zoo’s 140-acres. In addition to providing daily food service, including unique menu items unavailable elsewhere at the Zoo, Lotus Pavilion allows guests to dine while watching rhinos, elephants and Komodo dragons. The space is also designed to accommodate special events during the day or evening hours.   

Safari Café

Begin or end your day grabbing a bite at the Safari Café in the Global Plaza. This convenient location, operated by the Zoo's food and beverage partner, Lancer Hospitality proudly brews Starbucks products: coffees, frappuccinos, cappuccinos, teas, lattes, and soft drinks. 

The Canopy 

The Canopy, operated by the Zoo's food and beverage partner, Lancer Hospitality, offers a delectable dining experience in a rainforest atmosphere with outside patio option. The menu includes pizza, fresh burgers, chicken tenders, corn dogs, salads, daily specials and vegetarian items. Drinks include a variety of refreshing bottled and fountain drinks, ice tea and coffee. Fresh fruit, snacks and desserts are also available. 

Seasonal Fare

Other Food locations within the Zoo, such as the Best of Oklahoma, and Big Rock BBQ containing snacks and drinks are open seasonally with various hours of operation depending on weather and crowd conditions.

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