Dr Pepper Vending Machine Art Contest

At the OKC Zoo, Go Wild!


NOW - March 25, 2019


The Oklahoma City Zoo and Dr Pepper invite Oklahoma students to participate in the 15th annual Dr Pepper Vending Machine Art Contest for a chance to have their design displayed on a Dr Pepper machine at the Zoo and win wild prizes. We want students to create original designs incorporating the contest theme “A Future for Pollinators”.

Download the Entry Form

About the theme: “A Future for Pollinators”

Humans and other animals rely on pollinators to produce nuts and fruits that are essential components of a healthy diet. Meanwhile, the majority of flowering plant species require pollination to produce the seeds that will become the next generation of plants. Oklahoma is an important location for all pollinators, but especially monarch butterflies. The state is located in the middle of the monarch’s annual migratory path from central Mexico to southern Canada. Each spring, these butterflies leave Mexico and fly northward through Oklahoma in search of milkweed plants on which to lay their eggs. Once hatched, caterpillars feed exclusively on milkweed. Come fall, monarchs funnel back toward Mexico. Along the way, they find refuge in stopover sights with abundant nectar sources and shelter from harsh weather. In the last decade, due to habitat loss and other factors, monarch butterfly populations have plummeted at an alarming rate. 




Who’s Eligible? 

  • Oklahoma students, K-12 may enter through their school, home school, civic group (e.g. Scouts), or on their own.


  • Lower (K-5) and Upper (6-12)

Art Specifications:

  • Designs must be vertical and created on an official entry form.
  • Xerox copies of the entry form are acceptable.
  • All mediums accepted including computer-generated art. Consider using bright colors!  
  • Written messages are not required but if included they should be legible, relevant to the contest theme.


  • Entries will be judged based upon relevance to the contest theme, creativity and meeting all art specifications.

Award Categories/Prizes:

Contest winners will be notified by email or phone. Winners and their teachers/parents are encouraged to attend an award presentation during the OKC Zoo’s Party for the Planet celebration on Saturday, April 20, 2019, at 2 p.m.

  • Grand Prize Winners: 
  • There will be one Grand Prize Winner per division: Lower (K-5) and Upper (6-12).
  • Each winner will receive a $300 gift card to a store at OKC Outlets and their design will become the cover of a Dr Pepper machine at the Zoo for a full year.
  • First Place: Winner will receive a certificate.
  • AZA Choice: Winner will receive a certificate.
  • Zoo Director‛s Top 10 Honor Roll: Each winner will receive a certificate.

Regarding official entry forms:

  • Entries must be postmarked by March 25, 2019.
  • Official forms are available online here, request one via email by contacting Candice Rennels at (405) 425-0298. Entry forms will also be available in the Zoo’s Guest Services office 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.  
  • All entries submitted become property of the Oklahoma City Zoo.
  • Mail entries to: The OKC Zoo, Attn: DP Art Contest, 2000 Remington Place, Oklahoma City, OK 73111
  • Contest guidelines can be downloaded here. All submissions must be postmarked by March 25.
  • For more information, contact Candice Rennels at (405) 425-0298.


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