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  • Santa Delivers

    Dec 13th, 2019
    10:30am - 11:30am
    OKC Zoo

    With help from some very special Zoo elves (aka animal caretakers), Santa is making wild wishes come true for the animals at the Zoo’s Sanctuary Asia habitat. Watch as the cassowary, Komodo dragons, red pandas, tanuki, rhinos and elephants receive approved, gifts and treats prepared by their caretakers on Friday, December 13, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. These festive items are created as part of the Zoo’s ongoing animal enrichment program, designed to encourage natural behaviors and provide stimulating activities and environments for the animals. After Santa makes his deliveries, he will be available in the Lotus Pavilion for photos so bring your cameras and your smiles! Free hot chocolate courtesy of Salt & Surrey Catering and cookies will also be served.


    2019 Santa Delivers Schedule

    10:30 a.m.:         Santa Claus arrives at Sanctuary Asia!

    10:40 a.m.:         Cassowary

    10:50 a.m.:         Komodo dragons

    11 a.m.:               Red pandas (Leela and her cubs, Khyana and Ravi)

    11:10 a.m.:         Tanuki

    11:20 a.m.:         Indian rhinos

    11:30 a.m.:         Asian elephants
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