At the OKC Zoo, Go Wild!

Inspire your community to learn more about the wild side of the natural world. Our fun programs are interactive, educational, and include live animals! They are sure to engage people of all ages. To better serve you, we are able to do any program at any time of the year!

Summer Reading Programs 2018

Reading doesn't have to stop during summer vacation. Summer is a great time for kids to select their own books that will open up their imaginations and keep them exploring. The Oklahoma City Zoo's summer programs will keep kids inspired to come to your library. 


Grab a program, take a seat, and get ready for the wildest orchestra on Earth! Far beyond the world's honking horns and clanging contraptions lie the truly wild places where nature's greatest musicians perform day and night. Against a backdrop of waves, wind, and water, we'll listen to the musicians of the jungle, prairie, ocean, and forest perform an amazing symphony. Then, tune up your instruments, and set your toes a-tappin' as we recreate the sounds with our own wild orchestra. Age: all ages. Cost: $100 up to 50 children, adults are free; $175 for auditorium style.

What Does the Flock Say? 

Do birds talk when they squawk? Are they chatting when they cheep? What's the gossip when they gobble? Birds are some of the most talented...and NOISY... muscicians in the critter kingdom, but what does all that tweeting, squawking, honking, and hooting really mean? We'll explore the difference between songs and calls, play "Name That Tune for Bird Brains", and meet a few critters along the way. Age: all ages. Cost: $100 up to 50 children, adults are free; $175 for auditorium style.

Animal Acoustics - The Remix!

Do birds bop to Beethoven? Do monkeys move to Metallica? Do toads tap to Taylor Swift? As humans, we tend to believe that whatever music we like, animals like too. But did you know animals march to the beat of a different drum altogether? A tune that wouldn't impress the judges on America's Got Talent may be music to a moose's ears. In this amusing and musical program, we will listen to weird and wild music written for different animals, learn why they love them, and then compose our own pitch perfect tune that will surely be a hit on the Billboard Top 100 for Wild Things. *This program is exclusively for tweens and teens and is limited to 50 participants, excluding adults.

Click here to see details on pricing and booking for our Summer Reading Programs! 

Year-Round Programs

Bear Snores On!

Let it snore! Let it snore! Let it snore! Tiptoe into the wild world of animals who snooze and snore through the cold winter. Based on Karma Wilson's award-winning book, "Bear Snores On", we'll discover why some animals hibernate - and some don't - and why they can be grumpy if you wake 'em up. Cost: $125 up to 50 children, adults are free; $200 for auditorium style. Program does include live animals, but no bears.

Additional programming may be available by request.

Want to see what else we have to offer?

View our school programs. Please note that unlike library programs, our school offerings are not specifically designed to include a literary component.
To book your program please call 405-425-0218 or email us. Locations further than 30 miles of Oklahoma City are charged $0.54/mile to cover travel expenses.



  • Small audience programs (up to 50 children) are $100/ program.
  • Large audience programs (51+ children) is $175 for an auditorium style program.
  • Transportation fees are assessed for locations > 30 miles outside OKC @ .54/per mile.
  • Locations > 100 miles from OKC require a minimum of 2 programs . 
  • Programs may be eligible for ZooFUNd for Kids grants. For information and guidelines for annual awards click here

AV Needs: Programs may utilize a Power Point presentation. We provide all equipment, but will need access to an electrical outlet.

Booking Information: Summer months book quickly and are subject to staff availability.  Call (405) 425-0218 or email library outreach for more information.  

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