Lion Cam


African Lions and African Painted Dogs Live!

Enjoy a real time look at the Zoo’s popular Lion Overlook habitat home to its lion pride and where the Zoo’s pack of African painted dogs are currently residing while their brand-new habitat is being constructed. The painted dogs rotate days on habitat with the lions. Depending upon the day, you will have an opportunity to see the Zoo’s lions or pack of painted dogs, it’s the best way to safari-fy your day!

The cam will stream live now through Tuesday, August 31, 2021, with optimal viewing of either the lions or painted dogs from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

About Our African Lions And Painted Dogs 

• Lion Overlook is home to the Zoo’s lion pride including sisters, Dunia and Moto, 5, and male, Hubert, 9.
• Dunia and Moto, arrived at the Zoo in 2018 from Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon to be paired with Hubert as part of a breeding recommendation made by AZA’s African Lion Species Survival Plan™ (SSP). SSP programs oversee the population management of select species within AZA member zoos and aquariums.
• The most social of all cats, lions live in groups called a pride that average about 15 members, but can range from 3 to 40.
• Lioness usually live with the same pride for life, but males often leave when they’re a few years old.
• African lions are classified as vulnerable by the the International Union for Conservation of Nature with wild populations decreasing due to illegal hunting, habitat loss and loss of food sources.
• For a cat’s eye view of Hubert, Dunia and Moto on the cam, look at the habitat’s hilltop, a favorite location enjoyed by all three lions.

• African painted dogs have been part of the Zoo’s animal family since 1972.
• Our pack of five painted dogs consists of matriarch, Xena, 9, her mate, Dojo, 9, and their three offspring Tex, Back Slash and Spot, who are four years old.
• African painted dogs are known for their unique coat markings of yellow, black, brown, white and tan and large round ears.
• Starting in 2017, the Zoo partnered with the Painted Dog Research Trust (PDRT) to provide financial support from the Round Up for Conservation Fund for their mission and send staff to assist in the organization’s field work. The PDRT is dedicated to the conservation of the highly endangered African painted dog, formerly known as the African wild dog. It’s estimated that fewer than 7,000 remain in the wild.
• The Zoo’s new African painted dog habitat, slated to open later this summer, will be located on the west side of the park near the Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital and will also include habitat space for cheetah.

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