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Despite an indefinite closure related to the unprecedented COVID-19 public health emergency, the Oklahoma City Zoo remains hard at work fulfilling its mission to connect people with the world’s vanishing wildlife! The Zoo is pleased to announce a new digital series that will be posted daily at 2 p.m. CT for the duration of temporary closure. Titled “OKC Zoo @ Two”, the series allows viewers to take a safari from the comfort of home with caretaker chats, wellness exams, behind-the-scenes animal encounters and unexpected adventures through the Zoo online daily at 2 p.m. CT.

What's Ahead:

Monday, March 30 – Galapagos Tortoise Caretaker Chat (LIVE)

Tuesday, March 31 – Fishing Cat "Puddles" Birthday Enrichment (LIVE)

Wednesday, April 1 – Fun with the Zoo's Feathered Friends 

Thursday, April 2 – Zoo Herpetarium Tour

Friday, April 3 – The Nose Knows! Scent Enrichment Activities

Saturday, April 4 – Look at the Zoo’s Lizard Lab

Sunday, April 5 – ZooZeum Behind-the-Scenes

Sunday, March 29: Inside the OKC Zoo Animal Kitchen

Saturday, March 28: Max on the Move

Friday, March 27: Giraffe Caretaker Chat

Thursday, March 26: Red Panda Habitat

Wednesday, March 25: Cassowary Caretaker Chat

Tuesday, March 24: Alpaca Caretaker Chat

Monday, March 23: Komodo Dragon Enrichment/Caretaker Chat

Sunday, March 22: Harbor Seal Liberty Eye Surgery

Saturday, March 21: Elephant Caretaker Chat and Bath

Friday, March 20: Flamingo Mingle

Thursday, March 19: Clouded Leopard Caretaker Chat

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