Wednesday January 3

Welcome back to preschool! We hope you all had a great break.

We sure had fun today with pajama day. Everyone looked SO cute!
We wore our PJs to talk about animals that take a LOOOOONNNG nap during the winter. Sleeping through the winter is called hibernation.

To keep warm, we know we put on a coat. Some mammals grow more fur to get warm. Some animals, like birds, move somewhere warmer; called migration. We read a story about a brown bear who sleeps through the winter. His other animal friends did not hibernate.

We also learned about some animals you may not think that hibernate. One is the box turtle. We got to see Scooter.

Some animals do not sleep through the winter, but still do not do much…they just kind of relax while it is super cold. This is called torpor. We met an animal who is going through torpor here at the zoo. Our friend Tia the tenrec!


We pretended to be hibernating animals. First, we had to collect a lot of food before sleeping. We had to eat our food. Then, we found a nice place to hide and sleep.
We created a cave for our friend the brown bear. Some of us got him ready for hibernation and put him in his cave. Others thought he still needed to eat more food before going into his cave. What imaginations!


Stay warm out there!

Miss Elizabeth

Monday, January 8
Silly, slithering, smiling snakes was the topic today!
We talked about snakes having scales. Most lay eggs like a bird, but they do not have feathers. Snakes are not birds. They do not have fur, so they are not a mammal. We decided snakes are reptiles. We practiced moving around like a snake and tasting the air with our tongues.
We met Archer, a hognose snake. His upturned "nose" is really used for digging. We tried that too!

Our nature hike was to the herpetarium where we spied snakes of all sizes and colors. We were all very happy to meet and learn about snakes!

Wednesday, January 10

Another animal that does not mind the cold is the penguin. We already knew a lot of facs about penguins, so that was pretty cool! 
We played a game where we pretended to be a penguin egg, hatched, swam for food, then cared for an egg of our own. We walked VERY carefully around the class with our egg on our feet. That is how penguins keep the eggs warm, they hold the eggs on their feet. So funny!  We even had goldfish crackers for snack! Penguins love to eat fish.
We took our penguin parade around Children's Zoo and looked at animals that are similar to penguins. Penguins are birds, so we spied some different kinds of birds. Penguins do not fly, but they swim like the koi.
We had a special time in the auditorium dancing to a funny penguin video. We all loved it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted by Elizabeth Maupin at 2:00 PM
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