Searching for Birds

February 19
We have talked about birds at zoo school before, but today’s birds are special. They all live in Oklahoma!! Many of them we can see in the backyard.
Miss Elizabeth showed us plush birds that make the sound of the bird they are. Once we heard the call of each bird, we tried to make the sound too!

The zoo had fun activities for backyard birds day. Miss Anna, from Education, helped us use binoculars to look for birds around the aviary.

Mr. Bob showed us a real bird’s nest! We think maybe it could be the nest of a cardinal, a robin, or a blue jay. We also knew about owls, but Mr. Bob said it was too small for that!

For craft, we made a bird snack hanger. We can hang it outside on a treat or bush and see how long it takes before the birds find our snack!

February 26

We hope everyone stayed safe during the ice days. Glad to be back!
If you do not like the snow, you may want to move to the places we talked about today…the desert!

Many people think nothing lives in the desert, but that is not true. Many plants and animals live in different deserts all over the Earth.

We looked at pictures of animals and decided if they live in a desert or not.  The cow and Miss Elizabeth’s dog do not live in the desert. We know this because they were on grass.
But what about that big eared fox? The fennec fox is a desert animal! His ears are so big because they act like air conditioning.
We also learned about some reptiles that live in the desert. We took a walk to find one of those reptiles: the Gila Monster.

On our walk, we spied some cacti that grow near zoo school!


February 28

Colors are cool! We know about so many colors. We talked about different things that are colorful.

The zoo has many colorful animals. The most colorful we found today are the lorikeets. It was warm enough for them to be out. They must have liked the weather because they kept landing on us!

Thank you for bringing a colorful item for our rainbow! It turned out great and looks like a super fun game of I Spy!

Posted by Elizabeth Maupin at 2:19 PM
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