Open Records Request

Oklahoma City Zoological Trust

Oklahoma Open Records Act Requests

Effective September 15, 2004

Revised August 24, 2016

The Oklahoma City Zoological Trust supports and desires to comply with the Oklahoma Open Records Act, codified as 51 O.S. §§ 24 seq., while simultaneously protecting the privileges, exceptions and rights of all persons identified, named and/or otherwise involved in such records, including without limitation, the privacy interests of individuals and/or or all State, Federal and/or other recognized confidential information and privileges.

The Open Records Act does not apply to records specifically required by law to be kept confidential. The Zoological Trust will provide prompt, reasonable access to its records but may establish reasonable procedures to protect the integrity of its records and to prevent excessive disruption to its essential functions

Open Records Acts Requests should be made via the Oklahoma City Zoological Park and Botanical Garden website (below). Responses will be compiled within five business days. Responses will be made available for review and electronic download at the Oklahoma City Zoological Park's Administrative Offices, 2101 NE 50th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111. Recipients are expected to provide their own media or device to download information.

This schedule of fees is applicable to all records released by the Oklahoma City Zoological Trust unless otherwise provided by law. Except otherwise provided by State statute, the fees pursuant to a request are listed below. Payment may be required in advance.

Copies of existing records not exceeding 8.5 x 14" - $0.25/page

Search fee - $0.30/minute

For extensive requests, the Zoo will provide an estimated cost within 2 business days.

Certification, official seal affixed - $1.00/page

There will be an additional charge for the following, as applicable in specific cases: the actual cost of any hardware and software that are not in the possession of the Zoo, that would not otherwise generally be required or used by the Zoo, and that are specifically required to fulfill the request and reproduce the record in computer-readable format with deletion of confidential data.

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