Sanctuary Asia



Sanctuary Asia encompasses the elephant pavilion and habitat built in 2010, now totaling 14.5 acres for the OKC Zoo’s Asian elephants, Indian rhinos, Komodo dragons, red pandas, Francois’ langurs, several tanuki (also known as raccoon dogs), cassowaries and Burmese tortoises.

The design of each animal habitat allows exceptional protection for and care of these species while also providing guests with fantastic viewpoints to the wildlife. Elephants and rhinos can now shift between five unique habitats, providing additional enrichment for the animals and stunning views for visitors. A new training wall and feeding windows provide Zoo caretakers and visitors with innovative ways to engage with the animals. 

Central to Sanctuary Asia is Lotus Pavilion, a vast two-level restaurant and event venue with floor-to-ceiling windows seamlessly uniting animal habitats with guests, providing stunning views into animal habitats across the Zoo’s 140-acres. In addition to providing daily food service, including unique menu items unavailable elsewhere at the Zoo, Lotus Pavilion allows guests to dine while watching rhinos, elephants and Komodo dragons. The space is also designed to accommodate special events during the day or evening hours. 

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