Schools Out Day Camps

At the OKC Zoo, Go Wild!

Schools Out Day Camps 

attention! Important registration instructions: 

  • We recently moved to a new registration system, so if you have attended camps with us in the past the process has changed. 

  • To build your cart, right click on the dates and click "open in new tab". You can do this multiple times to put multiple dates in your cart. 

  • The last new tab that you open, will have all your selected camps in them. This way you only have to do one transaction!

  • If you'd like to apply your membership discount, don't forget to sign into your account using the "my membership" tab on the top right of your screen while in the cart.

Camp Information

  • Ages 4-11.

  • Camps from 8:30am to 5:15pm. Drop off begins at 8am.

  • Snacks are provided but campers must bring their own lunch. 

  • $45/child for non-members and $40/child for members 

April Camps

April 10th: Slippery Salamanders: Is it a frog? Is it a lizard? No, it’s a SALAMANDER! Find out what makes these delicate creatures so amazing as we experience them up-close.

April 24th: Horns, Hooves, and Herds: Whether it’s a galloping gazelle or a hard-headed ram, these wild cattle are built to last. Stomp on over as we explore more about these hooved heroes and what they do to protect the herd.

May Camps

May 21st: Egg-cellent Eggs: An egg is a safe place to grow!  Compare colors, shapes, and sizes to discover that eggs are not egg-xactly the same.

May 22nd: Crucial Climbers: Whether it’s a tail, a hand, a foot, or even their whole body, these climbers have what it takes to swing, dangle, or scale the tallest trees and the steepest cliffs.

May 26th: Super Swimmers: DIVE into the world of these super swimmers and see what it takes to move seamlessly through the water.

May 27th: Rambunctious Runners:On your mark, get set, GO!  Race on over to learn how these animal athletes are able to take such great strides and what keeps them going

May 28th: Hippety Hoppers: Join us as we jump into the lives of these amazing hoppers and see how we measure up to their great leaps.

May 29th: Fabulous Flyers: Whether they are soaring, fluttering, or gliding through the air, these aerodynamic flyers take to the skies like no other.

Camp Parent Resources

Click here to fill out camper paperwork! All paperwork is online and must be submitted before your child attends camp. Please note that this paperwork does not mean you are enrolled in a camp! You must use the individual links for each camp to enroll. 

If you need help enrolling, or have general questions please call 405-425-0218. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. To cancel your childs enrollment or request a refund, please call 405-425-0218 or email 
2. No refunds for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to program start date.
3. Classes are transferable to children in the same age group; however a 20% service charge will apply for any changes in the original registration.
4. The Zoo reserves the right to cancel classes if registration is below required minimum.
5. Programs are held "rain or shine" unless the zoo is closed due to severe weather conditions.

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