Summer Outreach Programs

Summer Progams 

Learning doesn't have to stop during summer vacation. Inspire your community to learn more about the wild side of the natural world. Summer is a great time for kids to open up their imaginations and keep them exploring through fun programs that are interactive, educational, and include live animals! 

Critter Tales: Toddler

Reading comes to life as we combine children’s books, biofacts, and a live animal in this adventure for children ages 3 – 5. Content depends on featured animal (i.e., an armadillo, rabbit, hedgehog, lizard, owl, or a turtle).

Tall Tales and Terrific Truths about Animals: All Ages

How did the elephant’s nose get so long? And how did the camel get its hump? Folktales have unique ways of explaining how animals came to be, even if they aren’t quite true. Join us as we dive into wild stories and find the fantastic facts behind animal adaptations. 

Zooperheroes: All Ages

Kapow! Bam! Smash! It's Zooperheroes saving the day! Whether it's with the power of a possum or strength of a spider, we'll explore animals that inspire your favorite superheroes.

Cryptozoology: Mysteries of the Beastly Kind: Tweens and Teens

Blurry photos, mysterious footprints, ripples in the water….is it a mythical monster or a creature of a different kind? Join us as we explore cryptozoology and track our very own beast. 

Animal S.O.S (Save Our Species): Middle & High School

Animals in Oklahoma and around the world are in trouble! Come discover why animals are endangered and what you can do to help.


  • Small audience presentations (up to 50 children, adults are free) are $125 per program.

  • Large audience (51+ children) is $175 for an auditorium style program.

  • Distance from OKC to your site is determined by O.D.O.T.

0-30 miles: $125 (base price)

31-60 miles: $175

61-90 miles:  $225

91-125: miles: $275

126-150 miles: $325

151-199 miles: $375

200+ miles: $425

  • Programs may be eligible for ZooFUNd for Kids grants. For information and guidelines for annual awards click here

AV Needs: Programs may utilize a Power Point presentation. We provide all equipment, but will need access to an electrical outlet.

Booking Information: Summer months book quickly and are subject to staff availability.  Call (405) 425-0218 or email for more information.  

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