Teacher Resources

Educator Resources

It's easy for teachers to reserve educational zoo materials. Just call 405-425-0218 weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A $25 refundable, upon return, deposit is all that is required.

Habitat Boxes

These boxes spotlights six animal biomes: Rainforest, Tundra, Desert, Grassland, Temperate Forest and Wetlands and includes animal artifacts, pictures, and climate and precipitation graphs.  A great tool for 3rd-6th graders taking physical science, environmental science and zoology classes. Borrow a specific habitat or all 6 boxes.

Wild Oklahoma Kit

Explore the diversity of Oklahoma wildlife through native animal fur and scat replicas.  Such as beaver, skunk, fox, bobcat, and elk. A teacher’s guide with educational activities, and crafts, make it easy for classroom use.  Suitable for all ages.

Suitcase for Survival

Share this suitcase of illegal wildlife parts and products seized by the US Fish and Wildlife Service with older classroom students to make connections between tourist consumerism and wildlife trafficking. Items vary, but might include sea turtle shells, endangered butterfly displays, crocodile boots or bear claws.  Suitable for students in 6th grade through high school.  .

Sensory Bag

Provide special needs students with a hands-on, tour while at the Zoo. The bag includes animal artifacts, models, and stuffed animals that reinforce the animals seen in the zoo.  Suitable for students who are visually impaired or need an extra tactile experience.  .

Animal Artifacts

Available for purchase. Owl pellets, snake sheds, ostrich eggs, peacock feathers and African crested porcupine quills are limited and subject to availability. Please contact Melissa Kesler at for prices and availability.

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