Tiger Cam

Tiger Cub Cam

The following webcam presents a real-time look into the OKC Zoo’s Sumatran tiger den at the Cat Forest habitat with Lola and her four growing cubs.  With the Tiger Cub Cam, you can see the cubs grow and play 24 hours a day!


As you watch, be in the know…

  • How many tigers are there?  If you look closely, you’ll see five tigers in all.  Lola is the 6-year-old Sumatran tiger who is nursing four tiger cubs.  Lola gave birth to three male Sumatran cubs on July 9.  Lola is also caring for a 4th tiger cub named Zoya.  Zoya is a female Amur tiger (also known as Siberian tiger) born on July 10th at the Philadelphia Zoo.  Zoya’s mother wasn’t exhibiting maternal care that Zoya needed so she was integrated into Lola’s litter.

  • Which one is Zoya, the Amur tiger? Right now all the cubs are close in size, so the best way to tell Zoya from her littermates is her fur color. Her coat is much lighter than the boys. Amur tigers have a lighter orange coat with thicker stripes whereas Sumatran tigers have a darker orange coat with thinner black stripes.

  • Why so many cat naps? Just like a house cat, big cats enjoy their sleep, too. In fact, tigers may sleep anywhere from 18-20 hours a day. And, growing cubs need lots of rest.

  • What’s mom doing?  As you watch, you may see Lola carrying the cubs by the scruff of their necks. No need for alarm! She’s simply keeping track of her mobile cubs by moving them close to one another. Caretaker note: Zoya is the most active of her littermates!

  • Where’s mom?  Lola’s caretakers provide her with daily access to an adjoining den. Caretaker note: It’s likely the cubs will begin venturing outside with mom by mid-September.

  • All in a day’s work! While watching, you may see members of the OKC Zoo’s carnivore team in action as they clean, feed and care for the Zoo’s tiger family. For safety purposes, Lola and her caretakers never share the same space.

  • When will the tigers go outside for guests to see them in person?  As the cubs continue to nurse and grow, so will their curiosity and ability to explore. The OKC Zoo’s Carnivore team believes that all four cubs will begin to navigate their outdoor habitat by mid-September. 

About the OKC Zoo’s tiger family:

  • Lola, the OKC Zoo’s 6-year-old female Sumatran tiger, gave birth to three Sumatran tiger cubs–Eko, Ramah and Gusti–on July 9.

  • Within weeks of giving birth to her triplets, Lola became a mom again to female Amur tiger, Zoya, born July 10 at the Philadelphia Zoo.

  • Zoya arrived at the OKC Zoo on July 21. Her birth mom lacked the maternal behavior to care for her, which is not uncommon among first-time mother tigers. Seeing this, the Philadelphia Zoo and the OKC Zoo made the decision for Zoya to be raised by Lola, alongside her cubs. This situation is referred to as cross-fostering.

  • Lola is proving to be an excellent mother, showing strong maternal skills toward all four cubs.

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