African Safari Travel

Learn more about these trips from the OKC Zoo and organizers SAFARI PROFESSIONALS at our travel night!

When: Friday, January 27th from 6:00p-8:00p

Where: Oklahoma City Zoo's Rosser Education Auditorium

2000 Remington Place

Oklahoma City, OK 73111

In 2023, discover wildlife around the world with the OKC Zoo. We’re going on two trips and we want you to come!

AFRICAN SAFARI (July 17-27, 2023)

Join the OKC Zoo on a 10-night wildlife migration safari through Tanzania with an optional 4-night extension to Rwanda (July 27-31) for an unforgettable mountain gorilla trek. Stay in spectacular accommodations and experience firsthand how the OKC Zoo supports grassroots wildlife conservation for many of Africa's iconic species. Total group is limited to 16 guests. Families are welcome!

GALAPAGOS ISLANDS (September 20-29, 2023)

Discover the iconic wildlife - on land and in the Pacific Ocean – native to the Galapagos Islands! On this 9-night journey, you’ll be joined by a member of the OKC Zoo team on daily wildlife excursions to multiple islands, with a private yacht serving as home base. This trip is limited to 14 guests. Families are welcome!

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