Volunteer FAQs

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

We specially select teens ages 14-17 for our Junior Curator/Teen Volunteer program. The age requirement for special events varies by event. All other volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Can I volunteer to help with the animals?

To join our husbandry aide volunteer program, a volunteer must first serve at least 50 hours of service as an adult volunteer. He or she may then complete an additional application form and interview.

Can I volunteer in the veterinary hospital?

Our veterinary hospital is only able to offer preceptorships for fourth year veterinary students.

Will I get to touch the animals?

We are a protected contact zoo, which means that there is a barrier between human and animal for the safety of both. Unauthorized contact with the animals is prohibited and is grounds for immediate termination from the program.

Is there a cost involved with volunteering?

Adult and Education volunteers must purchase a uniform shirt for $15 (short-sleeve) or $20 (long sleeve). There are no fees for special event volunteers. Some volunteer opportunities require proof of a negative Tuberculosis test. The cost associated with this test will vary by testing location.

What is the time requirement?

Special Events Volunteers: Serve at least 1 shift of about 3-5 hours. Each shift is typically about 3-4 hours.

Adult Volunteers: Must complete at least 50 hours of service and at least 3 special event shifts per year. These volunteers also commit to training for specific tasks. Each of these trainings usually take about 15 minutes or less.

Education Volunteers: Must complete at least 60 hours of service and at least 3 special events per year. They also attend quarterly continuing education meetings.

Husbandry Aides: The requirement varies by individual area.


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