October 31 - November 6: American Bison

Visit the Zoo's herd of bison at their habitat in Oklahoma Trails!

October 24 - 30: Insectivorous Bat

Fly down to the Nocturnal Barn in Oklahoma Trails to see our colony of bats!

October 17 - 23: American Alligator

Swim down to Oklahoma Trails to see the American alligator!

October 10 - 16: Indian Rhino

Visit our crash of Indian rhinos at Sanctuary Asia!

October 3 - 9: Spotted Gar

Head to the Big Rivers building in Oklahoma Trails to spot the spotted gar!

September 26 - October 2: Bennett's Wallaby

Hop to the Children's Zoo to spot our wallabies!

September 19 - 25: Western-lowland Gorilla

Visit Zoo's gorilla family troop and bachelor troop at Great EscApe!

September 12 - 18: Sandhill Crane

View the Zoo's sandhill crane in Oklahoma Trails!

September 5 - 11: White-tail Deer

Visit with the Zoo's white-tail deer in Oklahoma Trails!

August 29 - September 4: Reciculated Python

Slither to the Zoo's Herpetarium to see the reticulated python!

August 22 - 28: African Painted Dog

Visit our African painted dog packs in Predator Pass or Lion Overlook

August 15 - 21: Sumatran Orangutan

Hang around with our Sumatran orangutans at the Great EscApe habitat

August 8 - 14: Asian Elephant

Visit our multi-generational herd of Asian elephants in Sanctuary Asia!

August 1 - 7: Clouded Leopard

Spot the OKC Zoo's clouded leopards in Cat Forest!

July 25 - 31: African Lions

Visit the OKC Zoo's pride of lions at Lion Overlook!

July 18 - 24: Whooping Crane

Visit the Zoo's whooping cranes in Oklahoma Trails

July 11 - 17: Chimpanzee

Visit the Zoo's chimpanzee community at Great EscApe

July 4 - 10: Bald Eagle

Visit the Zoo's bald eagles in Oklahoma Trails

June 27 - July 3: Gaboon Viper

Visit the Zoo's Gaboon viper in the Herpetarium

June 20 - 26: Giraffe

Visit the Zoo's herd of giraffes at their habitat near the Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital

June 13 - 19: Cownose Stingray

Visit the Zoo's cownose stingrays at Stingray Bay!

June 6 - 12: California Sea Lion

Visit the Zoo's California sea lions at the Pinniped habitat and during the daily Sea Lion Presentation!

May 30 - June 5: Serval

Visit the Zoo's serval in Cat Forest!

May 23 - 29: Galapagos Tortoise

Visit the Zoo's Galapagos Tortoises Max, Ellie, Mrs. B and Isa in the Children's Zoo!

May 16 – 22: Okapi

Visit the Zoo's okapi at their habitat near Predator Pass!

May 9 – 15: Mountain Lion

Visit the Zoo's mountain lions in Oklahoma Trails!

May 2 – 8: Monarch Butterfly

Spot Monarch Butterflies in their annual migration through Oklahoma throughout the Zoo!

April 25 - May 1: Red-Crested Turaco

Visit the Zoo's Red-Crested Turacos in the Dan Moran Aviary

April 18 - 24: King Cobra

Visit the Zoo's King Cobra at the Herpetarium

April 4 - 10: Three-toed Box Turtle

Visit the Zoo's three-toed box turtles at Wetlands Walkabout

March 28 - April 3

Visit the Zoo's Eyelash Palm-pitviper at the Herpetarium

March 7 - 13: Cinereous Vultrue

Visit the Zoo's Cinereous Vultures at Raptor Ridge located across from the sea lion habitat.

February 28 - March 6: Timber Rattlesnake

You can find the Zoo's timber rattlesnake at Oklahoma Trails inside the Big Rivers building.

May 23 - 29: Galapagos Tortoise

Visit the Zoo's Galapagos Tortoises Max, Ellie, Mrs. B and Isa in the Children's Zoo!

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