February 13 - 19: Bleeding Heart Dove

Fly down to the Dan Moran Aviary to see the bleeding heart doves!

February 6 - 12: Komodo Dragon

Check out the Komodo dragons in their Sanctuary Asia habitat!

January 30 - February 5: Grizzly Bear

Celebrate 20 years of grizzly brothers Will and Wiley in Oklahoma Trails!

January 23 - 29: Roadrunner

Watch the roadrunners running around in their Oklahoma Trails habitat!

January 2 - 8: Cassowary

Visit our two cassowaries in their habitat at Sanctuary Asia!

January 9 - 15: Black Tree Monitor

Check out the Black Tree Monitor in the Herpetarium!

January 16 - 22: Sumatran Orangutan

Visit Sumatran orangutans Elok and Negara in their Great EscApe habitat!

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